Teacups, Trays & Bows 🎀


After a dramatic evening and a night filled with dreams I could really do without, I felt the need to distract myself with something pretty. So, yesterday morning, I took a trip into town and visited the little shops I like.

Polkadot Home was the first shop and love it in there. They have so many beautiful furnishings for the home ranging from a lovely nautical collection of fairy lights, candles and shells, to modern cushions, high end gardening gifts and clocks. The clocks are all hanging on the back wall of the shop against some very pretty wallpaper; it’s really very effective.

I had a good old nosy around yesterday and managed to stumble across a couple of little beauties.

When I saw this espresso cup & saucer set hidden away on a lower shelf amongst other little treasures, I think I did a little victory dance! I’d eyed this up a few weeks ago when I’d previously been there but it had gone all the other times. This time it was back and as I was happily gazing at it, I feel more and more in love with it. The design is so elegant & quirky. And I think I’ve realised that really is my style of homeware and decorations; Elegant & Quirky. It’s just a shame that I can’t seem to find a shop in my price range who specialise in that style of products. A huuuuge shame! So, I was standing there thinking to myself, this cup & saucer must be at least £10 maybe even £15, but as I delicately picked up the saucer and turned it over, to my intense surprise and joy, I read the price label. £6.99 this bundle of joy was and so I thought, “I’m having that!” And I did and here it is and I am so happy! It’s all tiny and cute and will not be used for espresso (as very sadly, I don’t own an espresso machine), instead it has been placed on my bedside table. I’ve put some of my crystals/tumble stones on the saucer and a tea light candle in the cup and it looks really cute. Yay! ✨

The next pretty purchase is this delightful mini tray, seen above, which I also bought from Polkadot Home shop. It’s a floral decoration or should I say botanical. I think it’s more gardeny than say, Kath Kidston. They also came in blue and black and while I loved the others, the cream version just felt more my style than the bolder effect of the others. I’d had a few ideas of things I could keep on the tray but I have decided to use it for keeping my hair clips on as they’re always scattered around my bedroom!

And the last little purchase is this Polkadot bow head band and bow clips from Peacocks. Since having shorter hair, I have felt the need for outlandish hair furniture and so when I discovered these on the shelves of Peacocks, I decided they would be the start of my collection of colourful hair bits. I am wearing the Polkadot bow band today and while I’m slightly paranoid that I look like I belong on the driveway to Disneyland Paris, I am enjoying the look and knowing I’m wearing it, is making me feel more upbeat strangely. But I’m not complaining… Anything to make me more upbeat! Just not in a Minnie Mouse kind of way. I can squeak at the best of times when I’m hyper but looking like the squeak isn’t really what I’m after. Anywho, I am mildly in love with it so far and can’t wait to find more online. The other are bows that clip onto the hair. One is like denim, one is quite colourful and reminds me of Hawaii for some reason, and the other is white and has a kind of crochet effect. They’re all pretty and act as a statement piece for the hair. I’m all about the bows this year it would seem!🎀 😃
Amy 🌸

What’s in my Handbag 🎒

Forever struggling with my medium sized cross-body bag which I’ve had for years and finding myself constantly shoving it back further onto my hip as its shunted round to my front because of its weight, I announce I am now in search of a brand new bag.

As I am finding my feet with writing again as I now (tragically & pleasingly) have a lot more time to myself nowadays, I am wanting to carry around notebooks and sometimes my iPad, for the moments of madness and inclings of inspiration that sometimes befalls me. And to have a sentence or even a paragraph come into your head and not have the means to write it down before it dashes away, I’m sure many of you know how upsetting that is.

On with the show… My bag!

  1. My iPad. I don’t often carry it with me to work but occasionally I like to just so I can type what I need to say instead of writing. I don’t always have the concentration to write neatly enough to read it back later! Oh, and she’s called Ruby 😄 I give a lot of inanimate objects a name… I don’t know what that says about me…
  2. My Paperchase purse. 👛 This is reasonably new… I love how floral it is and that it zips the way round, but I am struggling with it a bit now as its a bit too stiff to open now I’ve put everything in there… And I don’t mean all my money unfortunately, I mean member cards, receipts, notes and other bits and bobs I’ve decided would be great stored away in my purse that have no relation to money whatsoever! Plus not overly digging the material.
  3. My make up bag. 💄 Again, Paperchase. Finding it a bit too small for my make up contents now… And the zip is broken so I’m using a safety pin. How very “make do and mend” of me! I need to get a new one really, but a bigger make up bag means a bigger handbag… Right?
  4. The Clockwork Sparrow book by Katherine Woodfine. I haven’t started reading it yet but it looks and sounds very good so I really am going to have to knuckle down and get on and read it. I’m famous for reading the blurb on the backs of books and claiming I’ve read the whole thing… So, so shameful! 📚
  5. My “Baldwins Nervous Pills” notebook. This was given to me as a joke as my last name is Baldwin… I’d never heard of the brand before, but it turns out they’re quite big. I’m classing it as my claim to fame. If I don’t with this, I never will with anything! 😎
  6. “The Little Book Of Calm” book. My Granny bought this for me quite a few years ago when I was in those distant memories of late teenhood. One of my favourite pages; “Frown Darkly”. 😡 There is no other way of frowning for me! It really can provide a little distraction and thought change when you’re freaking out a little, having a moment or someone in the room has shaken your tail feather slightly. But if you’re beyond anger, feeling really depressed or in full blown panic attack mode, I’ve found the Little Book Of Calm doesn’t really cut the mustard. You can pretend, sure, go ahead. Fool yourself that you can remain calm and stay sane. But it’s risky business. Trust me, it’s a cute tiny book that will fit in the smallest of bags, if you’re that dedicated to it, and I’m sure looks great to people you pull it out in front of. But when you’re manically flipping through pages walking through the city streets, crying hysterically  😭😱 and shouting swear words to the tiny book in your hands at why it hasn’t calmed you yet, that’s when it’s time to accept the book doesn’t actually work the way you’d hoped it would and it’s time to seek therapy. Or at least that’s what the professionals have told me… Moving on to number 7, quickly…
  7. My glasses… No overly long description of these needed in the slightest. They do what they say they’re meant to do on my specsavers prescription. Just not very well…
  8. My life saving little stash of Twinings Lemon and Ginger teabags in a playing cards tin from Paperchase. And I’m not going to lie, it does look a little dodgy when I pull the small metal tin out of my bag at work and declare I need a moment of calm… Today for example, I got some strange looks 👀 after I’d applied some hand cream & then tried to open said metal tin… Well, slippery and awkward springs to mind. And even more awkward when I had to ask my manager to open it for me, followed by me declaring it was nothing dodgy in the slightest and most certainly wasn’t me about to suggest we play a game of cards mid shift. I often use little tins for things that most definitely don’t involve hash! Usually teabags, nuts and seeds and trinkets. I lead a far more innocent life than my handbag leads itself to believe.
  9. iPhone charger. I have this genuine worry that I’ll get stuck somewhere and run out of battery on my phone. I honestly cannot bare the thought of that so, wherever I lay my phone charger, that’s my home.
  10. A couple of rings. I am usually found wearing a ring of some sorts but I like to keep one or two in my bag, just in case. And by just in case, I mean having to suddenly pretend I’m very married 👰🏼 should a creepy guy start to show an interest. Not that that’s ever happened, but I feel it’s good to be prepared and does provide minor comfort.
  11. A pen. And while I’d love to have some witty anecdote shoved right up my sleeve about this bad, bad pen, I haven’t, but I do have some great uses for it and they often involve noting down strange happenstances, dodgy numberplates and sudden ramblings.
  12. Earphones. I have tWo pretty shoddy pairs which I will either have at home or in my bag, both falling foul to that tangled up malarkey and sounding properly grainy, like the old records do from the olden days… Who needs to hear every part of a song clearly these days?
  13. Spare hair grips for those windy days when bits of hair you thought were securely shoved in place, declare war against you and make a bid for freedom; Messing up my look and not to mention the sane look I’d just manage to perfect through neater hair. 🙆🏼
  14. My keys. With a temporary key ring I bought in the sale from Polkadot Home. 99p later and I no longer need to store my key in my purse… I give it 3 weeks before it breaks and I end up back to square one.
  15. Dove Intensive Nourishment hand cream. This is lovely stuff. Absorbs into the skin beautifully, makes my hands look all soft and shiney and smells divine. What more could you want from hand cream?
  16. Last of all, my trusty Bach Rescue Remedy. I am a big fan of all things Bach and all things herbal/natural as a means of calming ones self. A cute tiny yellow wrapped bottle with a dropper that drops brandy tasting drop,rats onto your tongue and turns a moment of horror into the opposite in a matter of minutes. Or so I believe anyway. Even just carrying it around in my bag can sometimes be just as comforting as taking it. I love how it’s there, at the very second I begin to feel a bit wobbly (quite a lot), it’s there like a little bottled friend. And seriously, it tastes just like brandy and no, that’s not why I love it so much… I don’t like brandy. But I do love my bottle of rescuing drops for those moments where I do need to be rescued. For the record, that’s not very often, I’m quite capable and together thank you very much! Despite the impression numbers 6, 8 & 13 of this post give 😜

So there it is… The current contents of my bag, ever growing, ever changing and about to have itself a whole new home hopefully, providing I can actually buy a bag and not just stare at pretty ones online for the next 6 months because I’m a dreadful impulsive buyer who overthinks all purchases like an absolute saddo!

Amy 🌸