What should you do when life gets a little too much to handle? Run for the hills with your bare necessities, not looking back once? Stand your ground, seeing whatever hardship comes your way with courage and fearsome spirit. Consume … Continue reading


She just wanted him to rescue her. She knew he could see her suffering, her pain. But he resisted, knowing he couldn’t bear his own pain of not being able to love her.


As I sit here with a Bailey’s in hand and the cat asleep beside me, I’m unsure if the scene is classic-21st-century-woman living her best life… Or just plain tragic. I wanted today (like most people) to be filled with … Continue reading


I’d been really unwell just before this trip to Norway. My second visit, it was in Autumn and my best friend was expecting her first baby. I was excited. Naturally I’d caught a cold a few days before and I … Continue reading