“It is a truth universally acknowledged that when one part of your life starts going okay, another falls spectacularly to pieces.”

In a world where I have dreams of being the Carrie Bradshaw of Bath, the reality is more Bridget Jones-esque.

I essentially stumble through life trying very hard to look stylish and sound classy, witty and intelligent. But in actual reality, under the mask of my Vintage Rose Lipstick and tortoiseshell glasses, lies a confused and bumbling singleton, who finds solace in family sized bars of chocolate (not for sharing) and looking at houses I can’t afford on Rightmove.

I have deluded aspirations of being a journalist and private investigator – and one day, owner of a very successful Lady Detective Agency which operates from the back room of a boutique cafe in the city.

And if that doesn’t work out (because I don’t know why it wouldn’t tbh), I would love to travel and be a travel writer, documenting my findings and experiences. Penning the raw and deep conversations I have with locals about their life and the stark contrast between countries and their societies.

This blog will not contain beauty tutorials, advice you should take seriously on romance or cute little stories about the perfect life I don’t lead.

Instead, What Amy Did Next will contain the musings of a single, 27 year old woman with M.E. on a journey of self-acceptance and working out her life’s true purpose.

Nothing too heavy.



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