Forgive me if this is nothing more than an incoherent ramble, indulging my own fears and doubts and leaving behind nothing in terms of advice.

I am on the verge of going through the biggest change of my life, and I’m terrified.

If all goes to plan, I’ll be leaving the job I have been in for the past 11 (ELEVEN!) years at the end of this week, and starting a new job in two weeks.

Yes, despite all of this being my choice, I still find myself in this whirlwind of self doubt and fear for my immediate future, and whether I have seriously overestimated my abilities to do anything beyond what I’ve known for eleven years of my life.

However, I know that in order to continue successfully and build a new career, I must have faith in myself, my abilities and most importantly, remind myself why I decided to make this change.

And that’s the key.

Reminding yourself why.

Why you’ve done what you’ve done, why you have made a change, why you have started something, why you’ve ended something…

We are far too quick to doubt ourselves these days; something for which I blame today’s society and the never ending expectation to be perfect and get things right on the first run.

So, in the middle of change, uncertainty and fear, what can or should we be focusing on to get us through the tornado of emotion that goes with it?

Trust in your abilities to make decisions for your life that will benefit either your present or future (or both), have faith in yourself to follow through with whatever you’re changing in your life, and believe you can make it work out for the best.

And remind yourself why you started this change. What your driving force was, what your reasoning was. What sparked that new flame in your heart.

And this could be for anything.

A new job, a new hobby, ending a relationship, moving away, coming out, pursuing a new identity, a new faith, buying a house, adopting a child…

The list is endless, but if it meant something to you at the beginning, it’ll probably still mean a lot to you further on down the line.

So don’t lose faith, keep your eye on the end goal and your heart in the right place, and follow your dream.

Listen to your heart.

And trust your gut.

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