What should you do when life gets a little too much to handle?

Run for the hills with your bare necessities, not looking back once?

Stand your ground, seeing whatever hardship comes your way with courage and fearsome spirit.

Consume as many carbs as possible and immerse yourself in the world of social media?

Each option has its upsides.

Each option has its down sides.

Guilt, panic-driven decisions, self destruction, insincerity.

But in all of the options, the result we’re actually seeking, is relief.

Relief from the burden of worry, fear, overwhelm, sadness, grief, rejection, loneliness.

Momentary or long lasting relief from suffering can come in many forms.

Not always in the way we imagine or fantasise it will perhaps, but when it does, relish the moment.

Bask in the feeling, no matter how long, of being free from the fears that have held you against your will for so long.

And in that time of freedom, grow.

Build yourself up to be a stronger, more resilient human than before.

Because there will always be something you have to go through.

And we stand a fighting chance of getting through it, the stronger we are.

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  1. Dear Amy,

    I have stumbled across this article and it has really struck a chord with me and I would just like to thank you for this advice. If I can harness it then it will help me on my way through such a difficult period in my existence.

    Growing up my Sister, Amy, loved the book “What Katie Did Next” and I’m not 100% sure if that influenced her in naming her first child Katie. Anyway last night as I was mulling over some troubles and I was desperate for some strong sisterly advice. For some reason typed into google “What Amy did next” and the first thing that came up was your warm advice on “Relief”.

    Does not sound unusual really until I add in the fact that my beautiful Big Sis unexpectedly passed away last year at 46 and when I needed her to pick me up, your words did that on her behalf. It truly felt like the type guidance she would give to me.

    So thank you for taking the time and thought to write this lovely piece, you have helped a total stranger by doing so. Sorry if this comment feels a little heavy, it is not designed to be I promise.

    Warm Regards


    1. Dear Ben,

      I hope this finds you well.

      Your comment has touched me so much, thank you for feeling you can share your thoughts with me on this post.

      I am so terribly sorry to hear of the loss of your sister. Being close to a sibling is not something I have had the privilege of knowing, but your bond with Amy sounds very special.

      When I wrote this post I was in the middle of such uncertainty and worry and what I ended up writing was more what I needed to tell myself at the time, as I had no one to say the words for me.
      I had no idea that what I wrote would end up helping someone else, possibly even more, and that brings me such warmth and gratitude,

      The idea of being able to help or guide someone was the whole reason I started writing in first place, I am so so glad this was here for you when you needed the right words.

      Ben, I truly hope you find the comfort and the answers your are seeking.

      Live fearlessly, courageously and honestly.

      Thank you again, warmest wishes to you.


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