What should you do when life gets a little too much to handle?

Run for the hills with your bare necessities, not looking back once?

Stand your ground, seeing whatever hardship comes your way with courage and fearsome spirit.

Consume as many carbs as possible and immerse yourself in the world of social media?

Each option has its upsides.

Each option has its down sides.

Guilt, panic-driven decisions, self destruction, insincerity.

But in all of the options, the result we’re actually seeking, is relief.

Relief from the burden of worry, fear, overwhelm, sadness, grief, rejection, loneliness.

Momentary or long lasting relief from suffering can come in many forms.

Not always in the way we imagine or fantasise it will perhaps, but when it does, relish the moment.

Bask in the feeling, no matter how long, of being free from the fears that have held you against your will for so long.

And in that time of freedom, grow.

Build yourself up to be a stronger, more resilient human than before.

Because there will always be something you have to go through.

And we stand a fighting chance of getting through it, the stronger we are.

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