As I sit here with a Bailey’s in hand and the cat asleep beside me, I’m unsure if the scene is classic-21st-century-woman living her best life… Or just plain tragic. I wanted today (like most people) to be filled with change and positive actions to represent a new year and a new mindset. Instead, it’s been filled with exhaustion, a short walk where I panicked I was going to be attacked by a harmless man dismounting his Kayak and mashed potato. And now, a feeling of self-indulgent melancholy. Happy New Year. A lot has changed since I last blogged, properly. I have become a Godmother, became vegetarian, started a Herbal Medicine course… But a lot of things have stayed the same too. I’m still single, I’m still inhaling the same amount of carbs, still procrastinating and still consumed by worry and dread about the future. I have been incredibly lucky to have visited Norway twice in 2018 to meet and become Godparent to the cutest, most loving little girl I know. I am going there in three weeks to visit her and my best friends (her parents) and I’m very excited. Apparently, we might try cross country skiing… That reminds me, I must call KLM and check they have procedures for people boarding return flights in a full body cast. I am still in my little Nissasn Micra I bought January 2018. It’s given me so much freedom and independence, and despite the passenger window not working and the funny little sound it makes sometimes when I accelerate, I love it. The MOT is due next week and I’m absolutely terrified I’ll be faced with a huge bill for repairs. I have never put a vehicle through an MOT before and knowing how old it is, I doubt it’ll get off unscathed! Plans for 2019 include: More Norway Solo trips to the seaside and weekends away in grand country manor houses. Getting physically fit as safely as possible Finding somewhere to rent Save money Maybe 2019 will see the return of me blogging and if it does, it will be mostly travel, journaling and thoughts and ponderings from my strange mind. Hope you have a good year, make it the best you can in the most simple and humble way. Amy      

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