On the 1st of June I made a flying weekend trip to Norway, making this my third visit there.

Once again even more in love with the country and this time, for a very special reason.

I went to meet my Goddaughter to-be.

My very good friends in Norway, who are wonderful enough to keep hosting my visits, had a little girl in January this year, and not long after, asked me if I would like to be her Godmother.

Thrilled and without a moment’s hesitation, I accepted graciously and knew I had to go and install all of my fairy- godmother-like traits on her immediately.

I certainly couldn’t wait until the Christening in August to meet her, so I jetted off from London as soon as I could.

She is, of course, an absolute delight and I have fallen in love with her and her glorious smile and cheeky chuckle very much.

I have been imagining all of the things I can teach her as she grows up, like baking and knitting and the English vocabulary.

I imagine all of the adventure we will go on – picnics and treasure hunts in the woods, trips away together and scenic walks around her home town.

All the play time we’ll have – dressing up and dancing in silly ways to happy music, dolls, painting, singing, cooking, reading, building, planting, talking…

It’s such a massive privilege and I feel very honored that friends would ask me to be Godmother.

I already feel so much love for her and I can’t wait to be part of her life.

During the times I wasn’t cuddling K and grinning at her in a dreamy-like state, I was doing my best to fit in as much as I could in the 4 days I was there for.

This included coffee and chats with E out on the decking, over-looking the mountains across the fjord and the woodland on their doorstep.

Going on short walks into the woods with K to send her to sleep, eating sushi, visiting waterfalls and eating delicious food.

It was far too short a stay, but I only have a limited amount of time allowed for holidays at work, and with the week I have coming up in Norway, and the two weeks I’m hoping to take in January to go for K’s 1st Birthday, that will then be all my holiday used up.

If I had it my way, I’d visit every month!

Or just live there.

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