On Wednesdays we eat cake.

I decided on Tuesday, that I would spend my Wednesday off doing something fun and productive.

Something for someone else that would bring a bit of joy and maybe even a smile.

I thought of my grandparents.

I thought of baking.

And after a fairly stressful trip to the shops to get the ingredients, I spent the next two hours whipping together my most success bake yet.

A Victoria sponge.

With no holes, no lop-siding, no tear stains from where I’ve wept with despair. No cracks, splits or crumbling.

Just a round, cooked Victoria sponge.

Which I then filled with buttercream and strawberry jam and bob’s not my uncle, I had a cake.

I took it down to my grandparents in the afternoon and from what I could tell, it was a nice surprise. My Grampy’s face lit up with glee and my granny even had a slice while I was there and she was most animated, which made me chuckle, bless her.

We laughed, reminisced and ate cake and everything was just lovely.

I hope to get into baking more and experiment with breads as after all, bread is my favourite thing.

Warm with salted butter and a cup of coffee.

Autumn is only 51 days away, so I need to get my practice in to be able to make yummy treats for everyone in the cooler seasons.

Watch this space…

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