An open wood fire, soft blankets a-plenty, good hearty food and your best friends huddled round laughing. If that doesn’t immediately fill you with joy, I don’t know what will.

With the cold winter days still haunting us like the day Trump became President-elect, the need for comfort, reassurance and good rib-sticking food is greater than ever.

We’ve all heard of the wonder that is Hygge by now. Right?

And on the very rare chance you haven’t heard… Here is a link explaining it all!


As you may know, or have just read, Hygge isn’t a ‘thing’. It isn’t a product, an item or a place.

It’s really a feeling.

A feeling of inner warmth, coziness, joy, contentment, gratitude.

The list goes on.

That said, there a few things that can help you on your way to feeling cosy, warm and snuggly.

Scented candles, warm lighting, blankets and a good ol’ slipper sock, for example…

I have been trying to be mindful with how I identify Hygge moments.

For me, Hygge has been laughing with close family members, providing warm home-cooked meals for those I love, creating a cosy and aesthetically pleasing space to write and drink tea in.

Hearing a cuckoo for the first time in months and smiling because it’s the first sign of Spring, making a tasty brunch and eating it while watching my favourite show and torrential pouring outside.

Other examples may include, sitting around a bonfire with close friends reminiscing and story telling, sharing a ‘moment’ with someone special to you, stopping to smell the roses (figuratively and non-figuratively), making hearty soup with vegetables and sitting down to eat with a warm buttery bread overlooking beautiful gardens.

Hygge is peace of mind, calmness of the heart and wholeness of the soul.

Doesn’t that just make you want to embrace this wonderful Danish way of life and start living life to the full?



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