The first week into 2018 has been okay. I’m pleased to say.

I had a good feeling coming in to the new year really trying to focus on the positives and look forward to all the things I can do and change for the better.

As I want to really make more of an effort with my blog this year, I thought I would re-introduce the Friday Favourites on What Amy Did Next.

Each week I am going to round up things I have loved, enjoyed, found happiness from, something I have read etc.

We all know how a friday favourite works.

I am classing this as my gratitude list, in a bid to maintain a positive focus in my life.

Gratitude is a really important (some might even say vital) part of living and understanding what brings us joy and happiness.

This, in turn, enables appreciation and reminds us in times when we maybe aren’t feeling so grateful or so happy with our lives, that we can find joy in the small things.

Or even the big things.

Anyway, my favourite things in the first week of 2018 are the following.

And yes I realise it is Saturday, but I’m a girl boss who doesn’t care what day I blog on.

Basically, sooo badass!

Favourite #1 

Dove Gift Set – I received a lovely toiletries bag from Dove for Christmas from my Granny, and while I have used Dove products before, I was either on a different planet or my nose was not working properly.

I am obsessed with the smell of the deodorant. It’s fragrant, I’ll give it that, and it leaves a very nice scent under your arms and on your clothes all day.

Equally, the shower creme and body lotion are just as satisfying and really do leave your skin softer than before.

#notspon but I needed to document how much I love Dove, just in case I ever stray to the other brands which are available!

Favourite #2

Spotify – I don’t know why, but the Spotify app seems so much more straightforward than the Apple music app, which I have been using for the past couple of years.

The music seems to be easier to find, download and play.

I appreciate this may reflect how I’m using the app, more than it does the efficacy of it, but I genuinely have gotten on better using Spotify than Apple.

So much so, that I have subscribed to Spotify and am ending my Apple music subscription this weekend.

And this breaks a little bit of my heart as I’ve always flown the flag for everything Apple.

But when it comes to music, I can’t mess about.

Favourite #3

My New Glasses – A week before Christmas, I went to SpecSavers to have my annual eye check.

My prescription had changed and as predicted, the glasses which had been prescribed for me a year ago, were far too strong for me.

This time, my prescription was halved and I chose two pairs of glasses, with the help of the lovely staff there.

Pair one – Aurora by Twiggy. A gorgeous tortoiseshell frame with jewelled sides.

I love the size of the lenses and how sturdy but delicate they feel. They are mainly my work pair as they are so smart and I want to keep them in as good condition as possible.

Pair two – Love Moschino. The red pair.

The type of frame I have always steered clear from. They’re bold, they’re a statement and they’re fun.

But my goodness, aren’t they stylish?

Yes. Yes would be a good answer to this.

Favourite #4 

Breakfast – Now, I’m not usually one for early morning eating. Unless it’s in the form of a pack of biscuits and Nutella toast.

That said, I have discovered the joy and healthiness that is fruit yogurt and multi-seed granola.

That might instantly sound disgusting to those with a fry-up disposition, but I can say with first hand experience, that it is delicious.

I would suggest having it with a very hot cup of coffee or tea while the winter is still going strong, but it wakes you up nicely of a morning, lines your stomach for the first part of the day and leaves you feeling mildly healthy.

I haven’t yet, but I would imagine quite confidently that Pinterest will provide a whole host of alternative suggestions and recipe’s if you feel brave enough to shake things up.

Favourite #5

Late night blogging – 2am? Write.

This is something I have always (well, for as long as I have been in the blogging world) enjoyed and found satisfaction in doing. Mainly because I think I produce my best work at this time and also because there is something a little romantic and ‘Sleepless in Seatle’ about it.

Tossing and turning in bed, watching the moon travel slowly across the night sky and trying hard to put the continuum of thoughts whirring around my mind, I normally end up putting my beside lamp on and opening up my laptop.

By 2am my mind seems to be in a place of fuller concentration to work out my inner most feelings and I am able to go to a deeper way of thinking, and writing.

This hasn’t happened for ages – a good year. So when I wrote a blog post and spilled my heart out to the internet again at 2am the other morning, I re-discovered the simple joy it brings me.

Long may sleepless nights and meaningful blog posts continue.

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