I’m cliché and I know it.

It’s January 1st and while I would like to say I spent New Years Eve at a party in the city snogging the face off a very handsome man and making ambitious promises for the year to come, I can inform you I actually spent last night cuddled up with my cat, making my own little promises – to myself.

On the approach to New Year’s Eve, I play out in my head what it must be like to have a real social life, making my way from party to party, like Bridget Jones.

However, what I have been doing aside from cuddling my cat and getting tipsy from one sip of Prosecco, is getting excited about starting a new year, fresh with new adventures new dreams, new outlooks.

I know I speak for a lot of you when I say 2017 was an utter pile of puke in so many ways – for society, for international relations, for our safety, but also for our own personal lives.

Don’t get me wrong, some lovely things happened last year. My friend had the baby she’d always wanted, I found out my best friend in Norway was expecting her first child, I went to Norway to visit her and her husband, I pursued a dream and bought a motor home, I sold the motor home and we had the best Christmas I can remember having.

But in between those lovely things, life was pretty rough. I had about three millions breakdowns at work, was prescribed antidepressants which made me very ill, spent a lot of time feeling the lowest I have ever felt, contemplating some very dark thoughts.

My mental health was the worst it’s ever been in 2017 and while it still remains a big issue for me, I am determined to go into 2018 with a more positive frame of mind and seek the help I need.

Which is why I have decided to go for counselling.

Private counselling where I don’t have limited sessions to sort my mind out or where I’m instructed on how to think. Plain, simple counselling where I pay a mentally stable individual an extortionate amount of money every month to sit and listen to me harp on about my troubles and irritations.

Another great help for my mental health and general well-being will be getting out more…

I’m twenty-bloody-seven this year, and I’m all too aware I need to up my game within the social scene.

My closest friends live nowhere near me and due to the path my life has taken I have inadvertently been left with very few actual friends.

So, I am going to embark on finding a cheap, second-hand car and making myself a group of trustworthy, like-minded friends.

Having a car will give me the freedom I think I currently lack. I could go to many more meet-ups and events and classes if I had my own vehicle, so it’s really a no-brainer.

As for travel – Obviously I will be heading back over to Norway to meet my friend’s new baby.

Not sure when this will be as I want to make sure they have enough time to adjust to parent-hood without having me to think about… But once I know when is a good time, I will be straight over there!

I love Norway. I’ve been lucky enough to go twice, which is amazing and I feel very blessed. Not only to have chance to go to another country, but to have such accommodating and hospitable friends.

I have considered a future there I love it so much, but I know I still have so much of the world I want to see and explore before I make any decisions!

Paris is also high up on my list of places to go this year.

For as long as I can remember, I have longed to visit and see all the fancy fashion, the boutique pattisseries and luxury hotels.

Just for one weekend, I want to be like Audrey Hepburn.

So, either Spring or Autumn (Norway dependent), I will be booking plans for Paris.

And then I want to see more of the UK.

The Cotswolds, Hampshire, Cornwall… Not to mention various trips down to Devon to meet my other friend’s new baby! It’s a year for babies again and I’m V excited!

And once I’ve stopped gallivanting across the world, I have my life in my home town to think about and plan for.

In all honesty, this leaves me more in a cold sweat than it does excitement, but facing reality, there are some big areas of my family and home life which I need to plan for and prepare for.

As for my online presence and blogging – I plan to be far more around on Twitter and in an ideal world I will be blogging far more often.

I hope.

I’m sure I said all this last year and ended up blogging about 4 times!

Anyway that’s enough of me rambling.

I have some big adventures (personal and social) lined up for this year and I am very excited to start 2018 feeling so enthusiastic and inspired.

Happy New Year dear readers,

Amy x


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