I’m about to embark on the scary but amazing adventure that is buying and moving into a motor home full-time. And here is how I have reached this huge and life-changing decision…

It was while cuddled up in bed with a box of chocolate fingers and watching The Big Bang Theory, after another hell-ridden day at work, that I asked myself the question with all sincerity. What has Amy really done next?

The answer that came immediately to mind was, not very pigging much.

After my life path changed last year, I found myself back in my old life. Living with my parents, walking to my 8-year-long job, coming home, crawling into bed for the evening and feeling like I was wasting my life.

At 25, I’ll be the first to say my life is not where I have always thought it would be at this age.

When I was a teenager, I thought being this age meant everyone automatically had a fiancé they lived with in a fancy city apartment, with a stable career that you could progress in and enjoy. I thought life for a 25-year-old meant having everything figured out. Travelling. Going to the beach. Going for drinks with gal friends after work and visiting family at weekends. Going on romantic mini breaks with said fiancé to Venice and arguing over whether to adopt a kitten or puppy. And I swear, at one point, I think I was coming close to having that life. Close to having the city apartment with a future fiancé, getting a puppy (even though I wanted a cat), visiting family and mini breaks.

But reality kicked me square between the eyes and that previously assumed life tore from beneath me and I now find myself floating in a limbo of uncertainty, worry and no direction.


It just so happens that in some respects, it’s just as well I returned to my family home and didn’t end up living far away and only visiting every other weekend. I am needed here and have responsibilities and duties as a daughter and granddaughter that I would much rather fulfill, than fulfill a life on the basis of social conformity.

So I haven’t gone to university and lived away from home, gathering a group of life-long friends, later going on to marry one of them. My life has never been ‘conventional’ (interpret that however you want) and I can’t imagine it ever will be, in the true sense of the word.

And I find myself in a situation that isn’t perfect, but it’s what is needed. Then I start thinking, while munching on many of the aforementioned chocolate fingers and start thinking of some of the unfulfilled wants and dreams I have because of my situation.  Solo travel, my own home, freedom of decoration and food. Transportation…

But you know? Who needs a conventional life? Maybe it was the done thing, maybe even the safe thing to do at one point, but for a single young woman whose responsibilities are herself and her family, well, maybe it’s about time the constraints of social conformity didn’t matter.

Maybe I can have the things I’ve dreamed of, all in one… The travel, my own home, transportation, freedom but with the ability to be close to my family…

And so, for the past week, I have fallen in love (the deep, stomach churning kind of love you get when you see avocado on toast on the menu of a café you’d previously had doubts over) with the idea of living in a motor home.

It ticks a lot of boxes:

  1. My own, owned home.
  2. Instant travel & accommodation.
  3. Minimalist & greener living.
  4. Future investment.
  5. No mortgage or long-term rent (& no chance of eviction).
  6. Transport & home in one; less expensive.
  7. Ability to stay close to family but have my independence and freedom.
  8. Less space = less clutter = a happy mind.
  9. Not conforming to the social norm.
  10. A new adventure!

I have made a long list of pro’s and a long list of con’s too. There are certainly downsides to living in a motor-home full-time and I am not closed off to this. I will have to get a loan from the bank to afford the motor-home – which will be second-hand – and as I plan to redecorate and furnish to my tastes, I would need a bit of that loan left over to cover initial costs.

While this, to some, may seem like a very extreme way of living, it is currently the most promising way of achieving my dream of having my own space and independence, while being accessible to my family. Where I live, house prices and rent is completely un-affordable for myself and many others my age. And should an opportunity arise for me to house share or rent, it would probably be too far away for my family’s needs.

I have done a lot of research, watched a lot of YouTube video’s of like-minded people and have spent many an hour scrolling through eBay, searching for the perfect motor-home. But before I approach my bank, I feel I still have a few things I need to look into before fully committing myself to this. I want to be completely prepared for this, financially, emotionally and mentally. And physically. This is going to be one mahoosive undertaking, but I love a challenge and a project and I see the effort it’s going to take as 100% worth it, given the freedom and independence it’s hopefully going to give me.

Pippi Peterson on YouTube is my current inspiration for RV living, as is Dave Erasmus on YouTube. He is undertaking the project of moving a homemade Sheppard’s hut to the middle of a forest, where he plans to live without the use of fossil fuels. This really inspires me and proves that people can live simply and go back to basics to survive and be just as happy as their best friend who lives in a 4-bed detached in the country.

Another big incentive for this project, is that I know it is going to teach me to be more resourceful and have a heightened gratitude for the little things in my life. I have materialistic tendencies and I am pretty sure that living in a smaller space and being able to see my most precious and close-to-my-heart possessions around me, will give me a bigger sense of gratitude and a lesser sense of desire for more material possessions. In turn, my desire for material things will be replaced with a desire for personal growth, inner peace and contentment.


I have (along with many others) been reading The Little Book Of Hygge recently and have kind of ‘seen the light’ when it comes to way’s of life and how to live well with simple pleasures. This has given me huge inspiration for the decor in my motor-home and how I want it to look eventually. A fully functioning, but cosy, warm and inviting space…

But I am going to write about decor, style and the hoped-for way of life more in my next blog post about Project Freedom Express.

Join me on this new, exciting, life-affirming and terrifying adventure. I’m just starting out!

Amy x

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