A Chocolate Cake Breakdown

7.30am and yes, this is me running late, eating chocolate cake for breakfast.

Yesterday was horrible with rows and stress and exhaustion. And to make everything worse, overnight I had a very long mind-fudging dream about my ex. It was one of those dreams you wake up from unsure whether to be happy or question if it was real. For me, it wasn’t real at all.

Work is full on at the moment and strangely, I’m looking forward to going in and focussing my energy on that. It’s a thankless job where no one tells you you’re doing a good job and more often than not, I wonder how I don’t just walk out. I feel it’s brewing though. I guess I have this romanticised image in my head of something very similar to Bridget Jones; saying something monumentally point proving, turning round on my heals and walking out to the sassy overtones of Aretha Franklin. Then taking a six month sabbatical in New York where I develop journalistic contacts, eat at swish restaurants every night and have the occasional passionate fling with a cute professor.

However, I don’t see that happening in a month of Sunday’s, so back to reality and on with the day.

The only good thing about yesterday was finding Being Human on Netflix. O to the m to the g. I completely missed it when it first aired but it looks great. Finally a new series to get stuck in to and distract me from the non existent studying I’m trying so hard to keep up with.

Best dash to go and live my gloriously exciting life in the village. I have tomorrow night potentially to look forward to. I’m meant to be going to another City Socializer event in town but it’s being held in a bar I’ve never heard of, far away from the station. So that’s something else to stress over. I’ll see how stir-crazy-desperate I am tomorrow and decide then.

I’ll update you all in the meantime if I storm out of work and jet off to America to find my dashing professor who must be waiting in the wings to sweep me off my feet and woo me with encyclopaedias, waistcoat cardigans and sexy round glasses…
Amy x

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