My Thursday Style 

With the day of deciding Britain’s future finally upon us, I thought what better way to calm my surprising apprehension, than with a little style post.

I haven’t done a style of the day post for a very long while, so, without further a-do, I shall proceed.

  • L’Occitane Pivoine Flora roll-on Eau De Toilette Intense
  • Rose Gold Rose ring
  • Barry M Quick Dry Nail Paint – Lap Of Honour
  • Avon Extra Lasting Plum & Stay Lip Gloss – Rosey Resistance
  • Burgundy glasses a la Specsavers
  • Bird & cage silk scarf

What I especially love about all of the products, is that they’re long lasting. In this heat it’s a big feat to keep your lipstick in place, perfume lingering on your skin until home time and your nails pretty perfect. And battling 9 hour work days using all of this, makes it all just a little more bearable.

While I really hope that paragraph doesn’t sound in any way shallow, I would like to think us ladies understand the importance of maintaining modest beauty in a day to day basis.

One does not need to be over the top or go all out with make-up and perfume. But a subtle hint of it here and there goes a long way to looking and smelling pleasant.

I saw a tweet from a British actor yesterday, which asked when he was going to see women in their natural form again and not so contoured and filtered. I shall not name this person as I’m not one for naming and shaming. However, the tweet bothered me in a way that I wasn’t sure whether to reply to him and question what he meant, or just leave it and not risk publicly starting an argument. A tricky one, but I’m still thinking about it.

I personally think that if one (male or female) is going to post or feature their face/body online, they have every right to make it look as good as they feel happy with. Now while that feeling doesn’t extend to the approval of Photoshopping and re-shaping ones body, I think the odd bit of powder and a nice Valencia filter can do some women the world of good. Especially me.

Perhaps we live in a society where we save our au naturale look for those close to us, and for those we know won’t criticise ever spot, freckle or red patch. And that is just fine. It’s not shameful, untruthful and it’s not illegal. It’s a right. In a free world. Women do not have to show men anything. And I don’t say that because I’m a feminist, I say it because I’m a woman. I go out the house every day with make up on (unfortunately not with the Valencia filter to go with it) and I don’t give two donuts whether a man I don’t know would rather see the natural, bare-faced me.

If we worry what every person thinks of us and wonder how they’d rather see us, then we’d be the epitome of shallow dolls.

So ladies, go out there and be natural, be powdered, be filtered, be whatever the hell you like. Because as long as you feel great and you can walk with confidence down that street, no one should care what’s underneath. It’s for you to know and love just, as equally as the No. 7 face you’re wearing.
A x

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