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I adore Bath and consider myself very lucky to live so nearby. So when Santoro opened up their first and only shop in Milsom street, I felt even luckier.

It is a rare occasion in my opinion, that you stumble upon something so delightful, yet so useful at the same time. For the very fact I have needed a place to keep all of my cards (loyalty cards, not multiple bank accounts), and have an eternal love for Santoro products, makes this recent purchase ever so slightly perfect. Quite a lot, actually.


I was with a friend in Bath for coffee and shopping and when she said she’d never been in Santoro – or even heard of them- I whisked her in before she knew what was happening. It’s safe to say that once she was in the beautifully designed store, she too found herself pining over the eclectic and unique range of bags, purses and accessories that I spend each day dreaming about.

The card holder is The Scarf from the Gorjuss collection and is a lovely, simple design of cream, green, black and white. The material feels like good quality leather, despite it being a leather effect PU. It’s soft to touch and is finished to perfection. It has a metal stud which closes it securely and the attention to detail is just divine.


It can hold up to 24 cards which I think is brilliant and the clear plastic card slots are very good quality, so no risk of them splitting or falling apart. Something that has happened to previous, worse quality card holders I’ve used.

The compact little bundle of joy fits nicely in your hand and is a stylish yet fun addition to a small handbag. I have tended to opt for more timeless and classic pieces recently, when choosing accessories like bags and purses. This has included good quality, plainer designs. It’s all very well and good owning a punk style purse with badges and safety pins when you’re 15 years old, but 10 years later when you’re standing in line to pay at Harrods, you want something a little more tasteful accompanying you.

Santoro have been in Bath for a while now and when I went in just before Christmas, I wrote a little post about the lovely little things I bought.

No doubt I’ll be making lots more visits there. The staff are so friendly and helpful. Always willing to talk to you about the different products and share the experience of being in their only shop. That makes it very special, doesn’t it?

Where to find their online shop – right here



Disclaimer – This is not a sponsored post and I have not been asked to write this on behalf of Santoro. All views and expressions are my own and for my blog only.

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