Fried Egg Sandwich Because Grease


I am officially starving yet again now I have uploaded these photo’s.

Today, after seeing my Granny, I made brunch. I became an adult. For about 10 minutes.

Then I made a fried egg sandwich with tomato sauce and any illusions of adulting when completely out the window.

There are just some days, I’m sure you’ll agree, when the greasiest of foods need to be consumed, and given how hungry I was, today was that day.

This is not something I make a habit out of doing; frying something in the pan, lobbing it on a piece of bread and dousing it in ketchup. But just look if you will, at what occurred… Pure greasy, eggy bliss.


To make this sandwich of artery-blockage hell, the whole affair really is simple.

  1. Heat oil in pan until spitting you like an evil witch.
  2. Chop mushrooms while oil heating because multi-tasking.
  3. As gently as you can muster, crack eggs into pan.
  4. Cook both
  5. Butter 2 slices of bread (with marge, thickly)
  6. Flip eggs like a boss onto sunny side to make sure they’re cooked.
  7. Artistically throw eggs and mushrooms onto bread.
  8. Douse the hell out of it in ketchup.
  9. Devour the lot.
  10. Find Rennie’s and a bed.


So there you have it. The unhealthy brunch that dreams and unicorn wishes are made of.

Get me my own cookery show now… I can sense the nation crying out for grease.

Yours truly,


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