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Having been away from the blogging scene for about two weeks while I attempt to get my shizzle together and spend a bit of time indulging in sleep and colouring and researching what adventure to move onto next, I feel ready to return to what I actually really look forward to doing. Blogging.

I’m sat here listening to Classic Alternative on the iTunes radio having eaten a bagel and am feeling a little bit hip. There’s something on my mind that I would like to discuss and as serious as that sounds, I think it kind of is.

I don’t know how often I mention this, it seems like every blog post, but I’m still really struggling with allowing myself to blog about my life and what I actually feel. I’ve done my research and read other blogs and for a lot of bloggers, it almost seems to be a bit taboo to blog about yourself. Word on the street, readers of blogs don’t want to read about you, they want advice on a particular subject, like but not limited to, beauty, tech, hair, home decor, fashion… Yes, I may be able to provide the odd post on beauty (not advice, more “here’s what I’m caking on my face to make me look human”). But they want to personally get something from your blog, and if they don’t, then what’s the point? Is the perceived assumption.

It’s left me feeling a bit unwanted in the blogosphere that I have a love for writing and I also have a lot of feelings and thoughts, which I don’t mind sharing with the world, but the general consensus is that people don’t want to know about your feelings; get over them and write informative content. Now, from my point of view, and I hope someone will back me up in the comments, is that yes, whilst it is lovely to create content rich with info about beauty and fashion, behind all that engaging writing and crisp glossy photo’s is a human being with emotions and feelings and a life with thought’s of lots of things other than the topic they’re blogging about. And sometimes, something I actually think readers should feel privileged about, the blogger may want to express a bit more of themselves on their blog, share with the readers what else is going on in their world other than hauls and coffee and travel and photo’s and day trips. Y’know?

There is more to life than our selection of mac lipsticks and we want our readers to see that.

I bet there are more bloggers out there than we realise, who are itching to write more diary-esque posts on their blog. There’s a Bridget Jones in all of us just waiting in the wings to release our inner emotions, concealed embarrassments, over-looked fears and deepest thoughts on things that mean something to us, different to the things we reveal to our readers in each post.

But I’ve seen lots of bloggers lately decide to incorporate a diary entry in to their blogs and who have come to the understanding and appreciation that this is not a bad thing. That their readers/followers are not going to revolt, up sticks and leave just because you’ve told them about how you’re feeling or what you ate for lunch yesterday but actually whilst avocado on toast is occasionally tasty, they would have much preferred the largest bowl of mac and cheese with extra cheese. That really, deep down, they have no idea what their next post is going to be about because they’ve got the blogging blues or writers block or they’re just having a low few days. That’s ok.

Ladies, gents, we don’t write for magazine’s. We write blogs. And it’s totally OK to write about us. It’s our baby. A portal from our minds to the online world. Why not open a portal from our hearts to the online community? And while that sounds all sentimental and smushy, it really doesn’t have to be. I’m not writing this for the bloggers who don’t want to write about themselves and who are happy to stick with their main content because that’s completely fine, I’m writing this for the bloggers who do want to write more about their life and thoughts but who are unsure doing so. Like I say, I’ve seen lots on this matter of late and it’s very close to my heart too. I don’t have a particular niche/theme for my blog but when I write about my life and not about my latest purchases or which beauty products I’ve been using, then I feel guilty or regretful. And that’s wrong. No one should ever feel guilty for writing from the heart.

So, to anyone out there in this predicament and unsure time of blogging life, please know that it is OK to write about you and more people than we might think, really do want to read it.

And if you worry your readers might not get anything from it, just think, you may write something someone else has been needing to read. I have read a couple of diary posts from bloggers recently and certain things they’ve written have struck a chord in me positively and have made me see something differently for the better; so we can relate to each other through our hearts as well as our minds and knowledge.

I hope this post hasn’t been too sentimental or disjointed; Soz if so, but this means a lot to me and I feel it’s a topic worth writing about as I’ve seen lots of other bloggers share their feelings about this too.

Be proud of your blog, stand tall and write from the heart; It will bring personality and life to your blog and will allow readers to see the person behind the blogger.



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