A Touch Of Glamour…

I’m sat watching Merlin on the life saving Netflix after a very busy day.

I took a trip in to town this morning, mainly to return some trousers which were *coughs* a bit too small for me, and to find a gift for Uncle’s 60th birthday.

It was jolly great fun when the lady at the shop asked me why I was returning the trousers… With a long queue behind me I answer, before my mind can think up something well, different, “I need the size up!” I’m not entirely sure quite how awkward I sounded but it’s safe to say the sea of sympathetic faces that greeted me as I turned around in no way helped how awkward I was feeling…

So afterwards, I treated myself to a little shopping. And here is what I found…


How To Be Adored – Caroline Cox

“A Girl’s Guide To Hollywood Glamour.”

This book is quite frankly, a book every young woman should have on their coffee table. This glorious little pink book is filled with pages of timeless and exquisite information, tips and advice on how to be glamorous and lovely.

This content rich felt-embossed hardback seems to let all of Hollywood’s trade secrets out in such a way that once you’ve read just a single page, it no longer feels that impossible to look and be like Audrey Hepburn. For it actually encourages the reader to understand that with the correct actions, good intentions and a full skirt summer dress, any woman can become a well respected, greatly loved, adored lady.

“There is no such thing as an ugly woman, there are only those who have not realised their full potential.”


Atlas Mountain Rose Fragrance Mist – The Body Shop

I popped in to The Body Shop today to get a new perfume or body mist, with no real clue of which scent I was looking for. After to talking to a really helpful and friendly member of staff about BB creams, I moved on to choosing the fragrance, I settled with the Atlas Mountain Rose.

It’s light and subtle with a floral hint that’s surprisingly musky, even though it’s not a musk scent. I didn’t want a heavily scented perfume as I had work in mind, just an elegant fruity mist which stayed with me lightly for the day. I think I have found it.

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Paint – Blackberry

Rimmel 60 Seconds Super Shine – Breakfast In Bed

Rimmel Rita Ora – Go Wild-Er-Ness

I’m loving these nail varnishes at the moment. I’ve never had a deep blue such as the Barry M one and it looks great on. It’s such a deep blue that I feel it’s more Blueberry than Blackberry. But I do love it.

Then the pastel shades by Rimmel. Another type of varnish I’ve never really sported. I didn’t realise just how chic it can look. They do need a good two coats and don’t seem to chip that easily which is most appreciated.

I think I will try out new pastel shades as the summer comes. I would like to try more greens and pinks.


Julie Dodsworth Grow Your Own Sweet Pea – In a Pot

Bath House Gin & Tonic Lip Balm

Both these are for Mothering Sunday gifts. Sweet Pea for Granny and Lip Balm for mum. I am sure both will go down very well as Granny loves experimenting with plants and mum loves a G&T!

I’ll obviously pick up a couple of other pieces for them, but for now, quite suitable finds. Flowers will most definitely be involved and perhaps the odd chocolate…


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