My Tuesday Style 🎀


Today is going to be one of those days where I wish I could be wrapped up in this gorgeous scarf all day, feeling warm and calm.

Because in reality, I’m probably going to be cold and anxious and without my scarf. I fly the big scarf flag very proudly and have two draped across my bed for warmth cuddles of an evening. You can never have too many big scarves.

Today’s outfit pieces are almost back in the realms of Autumn, but given we’re still in winter and we need colour re-injecting back into our days ready for summer. And as much as I am properly looking forward to summer this year, I will miss the soft oversized scarves that are really comfort blankets for the grown up blagger of life in disguise.

  • Orange and Blue Check Fringed Scarf – Now currently in the sale at New Look along with other delightful items I must resist.
  • Floral Blue and Pink iPhone 5s silicone case (originally from Amazon)
  • Burgundy glasses from Specsavers – which will feature in all my style posts.
  • Black Cherries nail polish – Rimmel
  • Cream lace/embroidered hair bow
  • Handmade rose and heart necklace
  • Two gold rings from a set which I think was from New Look too, about a year ago…

I had been trying this whole black and white style that seems to have taken off something chronic this winter, but I am the sort of person (inside and out) who needs colour in her life, I found myself not getting on well with it. I realised a few weeks ago that I couldn’t pull off the sharp, clean cut look of black and white and that if walking the streets looking like an autumnal woodland fairy is what would make me happy in life, with my fringed orange and brown scarf tucked inside faun my jacket, falling beneath the jacket and wafting about in the winter wind with my plum pleated skirt, then so very much be it.

Right my beautiful readers, think of me today, having the interview/ chat that could shape whether my overdue nervous break down is more imminent than we all originally thought, or whether I can put that off for a few more months yet!

Stay beautiful, naturally…


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    Love your post, your scarf is gorgeous! 🙂

    February 2, 2016 at 12:32
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