The Friday Five

Is it summer yet please and thank you?

This has been a disappointing winter with no snow, just rain and winds. I am usually a wintery soul, but this time, after feeling the real pangs of SAD, I’m really looking forward to Summer and am very ready for it. I just want to be walking around a pretty garden in a floaty skirt & a floral top with a flower in my hair & an ice cream in my hand.

So, here’s the round up of this weeks goods and bads…


Five Favourite Things

  1. My Auburn hair is back!
  2. Cosy pyjama & bed evenings with candles, books and music.
  3. The Adult Colouring Book App – not ‘adult‘, just for grown ups!
  4. Salads & fresh foods.
  5. Ditzy floral headbands and bows.

Five Things To Look Forward To

  1. My solo weekend away next month.
  2. Spa weekend away with my best friend.
  3. Seeing the Sons Of Pitches in a few months.
  4. Eating more healthily.
  5. Summer!

Five Bad Things

  1. My bad dreams that are waking me up.
  2. M.E. flare up.
  3. My unrelenting amounts of worry about everything possible.
  4. The new series of Pretty Little Liars really isn’t cutting the mustard.
  5. The weather.

Five TV Shows I <3

  1. Celebrity Big Brother
  2. Jonathan Creek
  3. Prison Break
  4. Grimm
  5. Stacey Dooley Investigates

Five Favourite Songs

  1. Clocks Go Forward – James Bay
  2. Best Fake Smile – James Bay
  3. Back On My Feet Again – The Babys
  4. Midnight Blues – Joe Bonamassa
  5. Light My Candle – Reverend Tall Tree




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  • Reply lovefromabbie

    Good blog post! I can’t wait for the summer time, these grey dark days are really getting to me. Bring on bright blue skies and lots of yummy ice cream!

    January 31, 2016 at 01:16
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