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It’s safe to say I cannot wait for bedtime tonight…

After a sneaky trip to Primark this morning, I didn’t come away with the new wardrobe I’d hoped for and so badly need, but I did however, come away with a few things that will make my nights a bit lovelier and new inspiration for my ever changing hair colour.

Having spent the last few months wearing pyjama’s about 400 sizes too small for me and freezing cold feet (because little miss freaky here doesn’t own socks, and the ones I do own, I only have one single sock of). That, however, is all about to change as today was the day I bought the right sized pyjama bottoms and two pairs of cozy fluffy bed socks!

  1. Fluffy Bed Socks

If you can see in the picture, the socks are all purtty and fluffy and I kind of unashamedly pounced on them when I first saw them. The first word that came to mind, was Unicorn! They are pink and powder blue and lilac and couldn’t be any more delightful for ones foot warmth needs.

2. Flowing Pleated Plum Skirt 

So I’ve been after a new skirt for a while as all my other one’s have become so incredibly out of fashion and inappropriate for a) the weather and b) my style. So I hesitantly picked up a size 10 as I was slightly disillusioned by how streamlined my dress was making my hips look, and it fits ok. Could have done with the 12 but we’ll just pretend this isn’t a problem. It’s pretty, it swooshes and it’s plum. What more, quite frankly, could a girl possibly want?

3. Plum and White Stripey Top

So, it would appear I have inadvertently bought two items of clothing that match ridiculously and will be worn together tomorrow as an experiment. I picked up the striped long sleeved T before the skirt and I think it’ll look really nice tucked into the skirt. The skirt fortunately is meant to be worn high waist so this shouldn’t look too insane…

4. Patterned Pyjama Bottoms

As I previously mentioned above, I needed new pj bots really very urgently and today I’ve got my proverbial shit together, and got some. They are a wee bit loose but I’ve learnt that is apparently the preferred thing in bed. A bit of room for movement. I’m sure I’ll be in agreement by tonight. Oh, and they have a cute pink bow at the front. Thank goodness!

5. Floral Elasticated Head Band

And when I say elasticated, it really isn’t very much. You kind of just delicately drape it over your head and hope to god it stays on. I think that’s how it works anyway. No sudden movements and it really does look quite pretty…

6. Scented Candle – Summer Rain and Forest Berries

It smells divine in the jar. I’ve had it burning some of the afternoon and whilst it’s not omitting the most pungent of flavours, there is a subtle aroma beginning to fill the air. I have been wanting to get those scented candles in little jars for aaages, and I shall most certainly be getting lots more when I’m back at Primark. Which will probably be next month, to find stylish day outfits for my weekend break away, all by myself. Which is finally happening!

All the yay’s and whoop dee doo’s.



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