Dreams, Wishes & Plans 2016

Well hello there chums, Happy New year and all that!

Today feels naturally symbolic and I know that’s no new thing and everyone feels that way and no doubt it’s the biggest cliché I’ve come out with on my blog to date. But It’s the first day of a whole new year with potentially a load of exciting stuff ahead! However, I’ve started it on a pretty poo note, feeling a bit off colour and not very confident at all. I haven’t left the house yet, have cried once and have stuffed my face with a bunch of stuff I shouldn’t be eating. I don’t know where this blog post is going or quite how I’m going to construct it, but I think I’ll just type what comes in to my head and see what happens. If I overthink writing too much, I think myself out of it, hence why I can go weeks without blogging sometimes.

So I did the whole post about what 2015 brought me and how much of a pile of putrid vomit some of it was, and while I don’t want to harp on about last year anymore, it will be relevant to my plans and wishes for this year as it’s kind of a turning point in my life. I was hoping I would leap in to 2016 with so much enthusiasm and excitement for the ideas I have and the possibilities that could turn into realities; but so far that’s not happening, so I have resorted to playing the “Happy” song very loudly in both my ears to muster up some kind of pulse racing thoughts for this year! Ok on with the show before I end up writing a thesis on “How To Be Depressed On New Years Day Like A Pro”.

Here are my dreams and wishes for 2016…

Move In To My Own Home

As I might have mentioned one or two thousand times in my posts and on twitter last year, I am really hoping this year is the year I move in to my own home. Not a 3 bed detached in the country. Just a cute little flat or apartment (preferably in the city but I can’t afford to be fussy) where I can have my own space, my own company and my own decorations. This is my biggest life wish/dream at the moment and I have absolutely no idea how it’s going to happen, but I never give up hope on that one dream. I know it would be such a huge turning point for me personally, emotionally, mentally and for my health as well. Where I live at the moment is lovely and I’m lucky I still have the place I do to stay, but it’s far from idea. With it comes a lot of stress and worry and I cannot be myself here. It’s bringing me down and making me unwell and things need to change. But a few other life bits need to happen/ change in order to have my own home and that’s what scares the hell out of me.

But in my head I see it. Paintings, mirrors and lights greet me in the hallway as I’m led through to the living room/kitchen where candles and fairy lights illuminate the space in a soft warm glow, framing the beauty of the flowers and ornaments and books that will be dotted around. The view will be either of city lights for as far as I can see or the city street below where people are milling around to find cafes and restaurants. Spicy and floral scents will fill the air from candles and incense sticks and will breeze through the place as I walk from room to room. Blues music with witty words and haunting sax notes and the odd Michael Buble lyric dancing around creating a nighttime classiness in the atmosphere…           Ah, I can see, hear and smell it now and it makes me so excited. If I achieve nothing more this year other than moving into my own home, I’ll still be delighted.

Start My Own Business

Ok, ever since I was about 18, I’ve had this urge, craving, feeling, to start my own business and be my own boss. It would be a huge life change and a massive risk, but I do have a couple of ideas up my sleeve which I’m currently exploring but I’m not going to let on until it becomes a realistic possibility. But I’m very excited by the idea and really think it could take off. Said every person who’s thought up a business idea, ever!

Blog More Often

I love my blog, I really do. What Amy Did Next has been one of my life savers the past 7 months and I have always been in love with the concept of blogging and the writing aspect of it, (luckily). But because I’m as self critical as ever and I get far too distracted for my own good, I often only get halfway through a post before giving up. Which is really sad, because I have a bunch of great post ideas, but something inside me just stops me, and I wish that would change. A little while ago the concept of my blog slightly changed and became more centered around my personal life and thoughts and less beauty and lifestyle orientated. While I still do posts about lifestyle, it’s mainly about my crazy ol’ world and my crazy ol’ thoughts. It’s different from all the very popular blogs out there, and I’m fine with that. I never follow the crowd and different is my middle name.

It’s not. It’s Diana.


While I imagine all the places I would love to go really clearly in my mind, I’m pretty naff at actually going anywhere to back up my so called love for travel. Yes I like travelling, but I reckon I’d love it an awful lot more if I actually upped and bloody went somewhere. I made it to Devon three times last year, London once and if getting on the bus and going in to town classes as travelling, then I did a whole lot of that as well. But that’s it really. See, I’m not exactly one to just up and sod off for the weekend by myself, but this year, I plan to be that person. And perhaps while I can’t afford to jet off anywhere on an airplane just yet, I can travel by train to get to beautiful parts of Britain that are waiting for me to explore. That’s it, I need more adventures. Adventures keep the soul and spirit alive and I need a ton of that, so all the adventures please! (Mainly the fun ones).

I want to be the new age female Philleas Fogg or Christopher Columbus and take the world by storm, discovering new islands, lost cities and floating around in a colourful hot air balloon with not a care in the world.

That’s not too much to ask is it?

Read More Books

I really need to get my act together and read all those books that are piling up on shelves, and all those books I say I love. The Agatha Raisin collection, Jane Austen, Jamaica Inn, Clockwork Sparrow, The Miniaturist. This list is getting longer and I now have a Waterstones gift card to use so if the hint isn’t big enough, the thought of prowling Waterstone’s shelves for hours on end, is.

Do Something For Charity

I’m not sure what yet, whether it will be fundraising, donating to a new charity or  physically helping in some way. Either way, I want to be out there making a difference and helping those in need, and I want this year to be the year. And if I don’t think I’ll make it to physically helping, I’ll donate what I can. I have a couple of Charities in mind, but again, I’ll spill once I’ve decided.

Bake More

If my granny buying me a baking cookies cook book for Christmas isn’t a big enough hint for me to bake more, I don’t know what is. My grandfather regularly makes comments about how if I ever find myself with too much sponge or too many fresh biscuits, then he’ll happy take them off my hands, bless him. I have a feeling I disappoint my grandparents by not supplying delicious morsels from my hours spent slaving away in the icing sugar covered kitchen, but baking has never really been my forte. Give me pasta puttanesca to make from scratch and I’m there, en point. But angle biscuits with a light fluffy centre and a dusting icing sugar? Start praying now…

Be Healthier

Ok Ok, I admit it! You’ve caught me snacking in bed with chocolates and melba toast, crumbs everywhere and an oversized jumper to hide the body of scales which lie beneath. It’s warm and cosy… But seriously, I do want to look after my body this year and stop telling myself I can eat whatever I want when I want because I am getting over a very traumatic breakup that was 7 months ago. Put down the mac and cheese in one hand and the Double Decker in the other, pick up a lentil and lunge!

Be Calmer & More Positive

I get a little crazy from time to time. Who doesn’t? But me, oh no. When I get crazy, I get batshit crazy. I need to stop instantly reacting to things and being stressed. I need to take the proverbial chill pill and chillax man, before my excess calories and stress levels go on a revolt around my body and I die of a coronary. All highly likely if you ask me. But I’l never stop being a drama queen. It’s just who I am…

Be Creative

I am not exactly one to sit down and knit away or stick things to other things or mess about with colourful feather and glitter, no, I am more wordy creative than that. And whether this year is the year I embrace the prit stick or the poetic streak in me, I vow to have a more creative flare, especially in my appearance. Watch this space. The woodland fairy is about to be born!

So there are my top 10 dreams and wishes for this year. Not resolutions because who in the land of frig sticks to them?

Happy New Year Chums…


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  • Reply crystalsparklydreams

    Lovely post. Good luck with all your plans and especially moving in to your own place, it sounds like it will be a really lovely home. If you fancy going on an adventure and travelling up to Wales, come and visit me 🙂

    January 4, 2016 at 16:54
    • Reply Yours Truly

      Thank you, it sometimes seems a bit far away, all my hopes and wishes, but it’s still good to have some kind of dream. I will let you know if I ever find myself wandering around Wales with no where to go;)

      January 10, 2016 at 15:28

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