Thursday 12th Nov – Life


Weight: 135lb              Feeling: Grateful           Song of the Day: Coming Back As A Man

Good morning Chums,

Well, after yesterday filled with tales of abandoned suitcases, high stress situations to manage and jealous cats fighting over attention, here I am the following morning wondering how I’m going to get through the day without dramatically falling to the floor clutching my eyelids and declaring 40 winks. However, I don’t think that would go down too well at work. Typical!

Currently in life, am avoiding the new Adele song like the plague despite what feels like the entire nation being in love with it (oh, the irony! Some of us have feelings we don’t want dragged up in public thanks to radio stations feeling the urge to make listeners wail aloud).Have annual work conference in London coming up soon, where no doubt I’ll manage to make myself look like a complete idiot in front of people, then will have a recovery weekend break to Devon to see my friends, the first week in December. Have officially not bought one Christmas present, am terrified by the prospect 2016 is a matter of weeks away and like I say every year but fail, I’m going to attempt to do all of my Christmas shopping online, to avoid the hideousness of mass shoppers, crying in public when I’ve run out of steam and ideas, and the sad songs the Salvation Army brass band always feel the necessity to play in town.

You know what I might do? I might take the plunge in the new year and book myself onto a guided trip on a weekend away or something. A hotel in the country side, snow all around, festivity still lingering in the atmosphere, and me, curled up by a log fire in a grand Manor House in a tucked away part of England. Perhaps a literary weekend, or a self development weekend, or just a few days away by myself with time to blog, time to think and time to plan. That sounds far better. Good idea Amy. Why thank you.

Oh yes, I’ve read books like that and they’re always enchanting and magical and have always left me with a warm fuzzy feeling like everything will be ok in the world. The two books I have in mind are, Me and Mr Darcy by Alexandra Potter and A Weekend With Mr Darcy by Victoria Connelly. Have you detected a theme yet? Which reminds me, I have a ton of wonderful new books to read but they’re just sitting on the shelf waiting because I have been spending most of my free time staring at my blog at a complete loss, but not anymore; I feel revitilised in the blogging department and think I know where my role in the blogosphere stands. Which is a) very exciting and b) in theory gives me more time to read. In theory.

Anyway Chummy’s, I’d better dash. Have work to get ready for and this face isn’t going to make itself look fit for public outings on its own! Have a glorious day, make it count.


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