Happy Halloween 🎃



A ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, Aaaa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

My favourite part of the year has arrived and I am utterly thrilled by today. Admittedly, I was mildly dissapointed to find Tesco had sold out of Pumpkins as I’d woken up this morning with a strange urge to carve one. However, I had left it way too late for such purchases and I probably would have carved more out of myself that the actual pumpkin itself if I’d been let loose with a massive thing like that and a knife!

After applying my spooky Kate Moss No.30 lipstick and feeling rather chuffed with myself that I’d coloured my lips inside the lines for once, I spent the morning taking blog photo’s outside and cuddling my black (and white) cat. For lunch, I made a very yummy bowl of linguine with mushroom and mackerel in tomato sauce whilst watching a bit of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban! I felt, at that moment, as though I was getting Halloween just right. I have also collected some leaved from outside and plan on making a few Autumnal decorations for tonight’s spooky evening. I’m watching Most Haunted Live, which has finally returned! I’m very excited as I used to watch it way back when and it was a real spooky laugh! When it’s Halloween, do as the ghouls do, right?

Whilst I adore this time of year and equally Halloween and get more excited on the morning of Halloween than I do on Christmas morning, I can’t say I ever go overboard with decorations or attend parties or make amazing crafts. And I definitely don’t answer the door to any trick or treaters. I’ve had far too many scary experiences with scream masks and eggs and the like to put myself through that trauma anymore. So, I’m putting up one of those signs the police are handing out that say “no trick or treaters please” or something like that to keep them away! Maybe slightly mean, but I always jump and panic when the door goes in the daylight on a normal day, so goodness knows what state I’d be in by midnight tonight! Also, I’ve devised a little plan… I have bought one of those cute little pink buckets with a pumpkin face on the front, which I wam going to t tie to the tree by my front door, which I am going to top up during the evening with sweets! I think it’s a good idea, providing they don’t steal the bucket or leave the bucket and just steal all the sweets! Oh dear, the perils of my favourite day!

Anyway, here are some Halloween Lists I wanted to share…

What to Watch at Halloween:

  1. Harry Potter (obvs)
  2. Charmed (the 1st episode is the best & more Halloweeny)
  3. Practical Magic
  4. Most Haunted
  5. Ghostbusters

Spooky Song List:

  1. O Fortuna (turned up loud!)
  2. Ghostbusters (for a myriad of obvious reasons)
  3. Bring Me To Life
  4. Double Trouble
  5. Harry Potter Theme Tune

My Dream Halloween Costumes:

  1. Witch. And I mean full on witch. Cackle and all!
  2. Red Riding Hood
  3. Morticia
  4. Spooky Alice In Wonderland
  5. Steampunk Princess

I must nonchalantly pooof into a puff of  purple smoke ✨; I have a saucepan to stir, a black and white cat to cuddle and a dust pan and brush to mount! 🙋🔮👻

Have a happy, safe and spooky Halloween chums!

Aaaaaaammmmyyyy 🌸🕸

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  • Reply crystalsparklydreams

    Aww lovely post 🙂 I can not tell you how much I love Halloween, it really is the highlight of my year but for me if I don’t dress up and party (in some way), then I feel like it’s a wasted day. Although I do love watching horror film, I tend to do that all year round so it’s not so much of a Halloween treat. This year Halloween is a week late for me, as my best friends and I are having a big party next weekend, I have my black cat costume ready, a tun of decorations ready and a big box of Halloween themed cupcakes, I can not wait 😀
    I hope you you had a lovely day and enjoyed your linguine. Bring Me To Life is one of my favourite songs ever 🙂 xx

    November 1, 2015 at 16:34
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