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Hello chums,

I’m sure I’m in the early stages of hypothermia as I write this with two cardigans over my already overdressed self. I shall ignore my considerations of adorning my legs with a second pair of tights and carry on with the show!

I have been wanting to do a Friday Favourites for a while and now I’ve completed the task for work which has dominated most of my free evenings, I have decided to actually put this post together. The last few weeks have all been about appreciating the smaller things and being grateful for the little things that brighten your day, so here it is, my favourite things from the past couple of weeks…


  1. Kate Moss No.30 Lipstick – Rimmel


Having adored the No.107 from the Kate Moss collection, I was ferreting through the other lipsticks on the shelf in boots on Wednesday during my solitary trip into town. I felt quite the city girl as I parked the car next to the Mercedes, bleep locked it and walked through the rainy streets, quickly becoming blended in the flurry of daytime shoppers as I made my way to the warm, dry and bright Boots.

While the shades of the Kate Moss collection are completely my cup of Twinings English Breakfast tea, I am struggling a lot with their sustainability. Once you’ve licked your lips a couple of times and had a drink of water, the lipstick starts to come off around the inner lip area. I love the colours, including the one above, but it doesn’t last as long as I would like it to. So it is a favourite because of the colour, but not for sustainability.


2. Sanctuary Spa Body Spray

Ahhhh, this is one of my favourite body sprays ever.

I love Sanctuary Spa products and this one really endorses that. This is elegance in a bottle. With scents including Bergamot, Jasmine, Patchouli and Sandalwood, this is a 125ml bottle of sheer sensual fragrance. Personally, I liken it to spray on Prosecco. Which is weird I know, but just think for a second… You’re on a  white sandy beach in Mauritius, the sea gently lapping up onto the shore as you lay on a sun lounger with the afternoon sun caressing your hot skin. The glass in your hand holds the sparkling liquid white gold that is Prosecco and for a second, you imagine what it would feel like to pour it over your skin to cool yourself down. When magically, the glass changes its form from glass to atomizer and filled with Prosecco. Your finger pushes the nozzle and in one slow motion spray, a fine mist of liquid white gold lands softly onto your skin with a lingering  tingling sensation and a scent that envelops your senses with oriental, floral and citrus tones.

Who wouldn’t want their skin to be covered in this?


3. My New Desk

So, I thought I would try life with a desk. And guess what? Life is great.

Since starting to blog more and have a life that seems to need a bit more organisation than before, I had been toying with the idea of getting a desk. I desperately needed a work station, somewhere to focus my thoughts and well, life really, and so on one sunny Sunday a few weeks back, I bought one! And I haven’t looked back since. It came flat packed and having never put anything together before, I thought this would be a very good opportunity to try. Being the independent woman I so am of course.

Laying out all the parts and in a very OCD like way laying out all of the nuts and bolts in military line up, I proceeded to unfold the instruction manual. I genuinely thought to myself that the manual for concord would have been more simple, but undeterred and desperate for my beautiful white desk to flourish into being, I set about methodically reading the manual and following the instructions.

2 hours and 45 minutes of swearing, brow wiping and banging the hammer very loudly later, my beautiful white desk was standing proudly with only one page of the manual torn up, a slight dent in the woodwork which isn’t visible unless you know where to look and some disgruntled neighbours. Yay, go me! That said, the little door didn’t get attached as I literally think the thing was made incorrectly as there aren’t holes where there should be, but nevermind that insignificant detail. The main thing is, the desk is still white, I have a cute little space to do my blogging and life organising at and the desk is still standing. I am a woman of many miracles.


4. My cat Jack

Today was Jack and Bea’s 1st Birthday. We got them last November when they were just 10 weeks old and they have been the light of our lives since. When I moved back home in May, they hadn’t really seen much of me and didn’t know what it was like to live with me so we found it difficult to bond straight away. But since I’ve been home, they’ve learnt that I supply food, give cuddles & tummy tickles and am quite partial to the odd game with the myriad of toys they have. So, I think we’ve got there and I now have two furry friends to add to my friends list.

I think Jack (pictured) has bonded to me more than little Bea. It’s strange but I always seem to have this with the boy cats; a stronger connection and a deeper understanding of feelings. When my first cat Bluey was still with us, he was my protector and savior. He would just know when I wasn’t feeling great and would prowl about the house to find me, nestle down onto my lap and purr me out of my blues. He had that gentle, loving way about him and look in his eyes. And I see this in Jack. He’s a cutie pie… I was feeling really low earlier and joined him on the sofa for a chat, you know. I stroked him as I was talking and he looked up at me (one of those really cute “I’m extending my furry neck to look up at you even though you’re behind me and I probably won’t see you” looks), with his eyes all meaningful and full of empathy to my woes and with all the gentleness he could muster, reached out his little black and white paw and brushed my cheek in a rather comforting way. I teared up for all the right reasons this time:)

Cats really rock my frilly socks.


5. Mushroom & Courgette Chinese Noodles

This is as close as I’ll ever get to making Chinese food at home. And to be fair, hardly any effort goes into it and there most definitely is a tasty bottle of dark Soy sauce waiting on the side for me to use like fury! As a lover of all things noodly, mushroomy and courgettey, this dish is practically what I imagine heaven to be like. Quick, simple, yummy as you like and pretty much healthy, its making a great lunchtime snack even on days I’m in a bit of a rush. The noodles only take about 5 -7 minutes to cook and once I’ve sauteed the other bits and dolloped in some soy sauce, we are very much good to go. Yum yum in my tum! I have many variations on this, but that’s part of what’s so amazingly great about this dish, how diverse and flexible the ingredients and flavors are. Veggie, simple and tasty. Heaven, some might say…



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