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Natural Collection. This is my favourite go to make up section when I am on a mission in Boots; Empty basket in hand, ready for a seriously fulfilling make up haul. OK, so Natural Collection may not be like any of the big brands (Mac, Benefit, NARS) that seem to be dominating the lives of beauty enthusiasts and make up wearers, so I am here to fly the flag for the brand that isn’t so raved about, but is just as worthy.

I find the variety that Natural Collection offers is immense and entirely fitting for the majority of my make up needs and requirements. The only item of my make up that isn’t from NC is foundation. I am incredibly fussy about foundation and prefer a very light ivory, which unfortunately, I don’t find with NC. The rest of their products however, are incredibly satisfying. I enjoy the simplicity of the range of blushers they have. I love the little pots of nail varnishes, colours of which range widely, making this nail varnish addict very happy indeed. And most of all, I absolutely adore their lipsticks. I must have the majority of their lipstick range scattered around everywhere and they’re always in my handbag/makeup bag as top ups or throughout-the-day alternatives.

OK, on with the show.

Natural Collection Powder – ‘Cool’.  I wanted a lighter powder than usual & the ‘Cool’ effect brushes on a thin layer which is barely visible and provides very good coverage.

NC Blush – Pink Cloud.  I had been using a browner blush but that has been making my face appear quite dull, so I opted for this vibrant blusher which applies well and looks great on the cheekbones, really enhancing them.

NC Lipstick – Raspberry. This is my new favourite lipstick ever. Honestly. The colour is so lovely and has a rich but gentle tone of deep raspberry, almost the colour raspberries turn when you’ve crushed them. This is going to be re purchased the next time I pass Boots and I shall probably be wearing it every day until then. Definitely one to keep in my handbag. Beautiful.

NC Lip Liner – Mulberry. I don’t use it every time I wear lipstick but when I do, it really highlights my cupids bow, which I love as it defines the lips and makes them look much fuller. Will work well with the Raspberry.

NC Eye Shadow – Asteroid. This browny/gold shimmery eye shadow is great for adding depth to the eyelid and is a very good autumnal colour to use. It lasts really well and helps to define the eyes nicely.

NC Eye Shadow – White Opal. This is a really lovely, subtle eye shadow, which I use on the upper eye just underneath the eyebrows. It lifts the eyes up, which is really helpful if you’re like me and look quite tired of a morning. I am currently using this alongside the Asteroid and they’re blending very well and compliment each other perfectly.

NC Eye Lines – Black. I like how obviously black the colour of this pencil is. I have a brown one by NC too which I use occasionally, but as I prefer a longer lasting eye liner effect, the black pencil is great for this. Once its smudged slightly and the top layer is softened down, it really can look quite chic.

NC Lipstick – Pink Mallow. OK, I’ve been after a sugary pink lipstick lately having seen lots of girls rocking the colour this season. It’s sassy, fun and light, which if you find wearing lipstick too grown up for you and too serious a look, this may be just the colour for you. Instantly brightens the face and gives you that youthful look without the rebellion.

Maybelline New York – Dream Satin Liquid

“Satiny Finish Poreless Perfection”

This foundation also has an SPF 13, one of the few with SPF still in.

So there you have it, my Natural Collection styled Autumn, and goodness me, we really are spoiled for choice with their products. I find out of the all the other make up brands I come across in shops, they have the best variety of colours, which for me, is vital. Because it’s all very well bringing out 3 select colours for a season or new style promotion, but if none of them appeal to even a handful of people, that’s an instant loss and make up enthusiasts will wander off to the other shelf. And of course the point of quality over quantity comes into it, but consumers/shoppers always gravitate to variety and multiple choice. And that’s what attracts me to Natural Collection. And for £1.99 per product, I find the quality to be extremely good.

Which make up brands are you hauling this Autumn and is there a brand you always favour, despite publicity and internet influences?

Stay beautiful, naturally.

Amy 🌸

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  • Reply Just me xxx

    I LOVE the natural collection it is so affordable and still looks great on! Really liked this post . Xx

    October 1, 2015 at 22:28
  • Reply Gusone Sophie

    Hi Amy,

    Very nice collection…i especially love Maybelline products ! Dream Satin liquid seems amazing !! Can you post here or send me a picture of its full ingredient list please ?


    October 22, 2015 at 13:22
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