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August Bank Holiday. Am I away with friends living it up on some grotty end of summer mini holiday getting roaringly squiffy, pretending I’m not going through the quarter life crisis I am very clearly having? No. Am I booked in to a hotel in the country for a literature weekend learning about the secrets of Jane Austen and hunting down my very own Mr. Darcy, while a violin aria plays softly in the background as I wander through beautiful gardens and stumble upon a vast lake? No, I am not there either.

So where could I be I hear you ask with oodles of intrigue and concern for my lack of being in delightful places…

My dear friends, I am in bed at home. Wide awake in the wee hours of bank holiday Monday, ferreting around in frenzied state for any chocolate I can lay my paws on. I woke about 3am to find myself in a state of reasonable meloncholy, having certain feelings and thoughts I’ve been trying to avoid for a while. So, to save my weary soul from an unnecessary extension of meloncholistic agony, I decided to sit myself up and write. Write about the nice parts of my weekend, instead of moping at the fact I haven’t done anything hugely spectacular. I mean, there are plenty more bank holidays in the calendar right? Right?

Ok, so Saturday is all I really have and I had a pretty nice trip into my favourite cities, Bath. The place is soaked in history and every time I walk through the tiny cobbled streets, I get this whirring build up of magical excitement inside me as I absorb the essence of its beauty. There is always something going on amongst the streets in Bath… Be it a street magician, a musician, an opera singer, a guided tour… Always something to stumble across or marvel at. The city is alive with culture and very cleverly displays a modern visage on the elclectic city whilst retaining and embracing its precious history and charm.

I had come to the conclusion that my trip into Bath was founded (not that one needs an excuse to visit) as there were a few things I needed. One of which being some new cosy pyjamas for Autumn. I have been mucking around in some grey jogging bottoms and any old top I could find for my bedtime attire, but having gone through a few weeks of not feeling particularly pretty and at ease with my appearance, I concluded this cute pink pj set was exactly what I needed. And I was right! They are pink and white with little pinky/purple flowers on, they’re soft and comfy and have I mentioned they’re pink??? Well, they are and I love them! It really is quite incredible how wearing a new set of pyjamas can make you feel so cosy and safe and happy. Everyone should go out and buy new pyjamas right now. Well, maybe not at 5am but when the shops open definitely!

I also bought a pair of teal ankle socks with a cream lace frill at the top. Now, it has become a bit of a thing with me that my bed socks are frilly and to the amusement of my hilarious friends, I am now known as Miss Frilly Socks:) A nickname I am more than happy to have as I love frilly socks! They’re so quaint and sweet that why wouldn’t anyone want to have them kelp their feet warm and their ankles decorated? I would have gone for the pink version but they were an impulse buy in the queue. Something I usually resent but not this time! Miss Frilly Socks all the way!

Next up was a trip to Paperchase where I was exceedingly restrained and I would like a lot of praise for that. Usually I go bonkers in Paperchase as there’s always an array of wonderful things lined up for me to gawk at whilst tearing up with excitement, and this was no exception. Paperchase have a couple of new lines out including Mystic Rose and Nordic something or another, and after examining each product within those sections, I decided on the Nordic lunchbox. This is surprisingly one of the things I knew I needed as I’ve finally set myself the challenge of making my lunch for work… This is something I’ve attempted before but have given up on after running out of the previous days left overs, so, with Google searching vigorously away in the background for ‘lunchbox ideas for adults’, I will be getting to work at creating a lasting, reusable dish that contains tasty morsels to keep me interested. A very difficult task!

imageThen came what is probably my favourite shop in Bath. Waterstones. I have been known to spend a good two hours prowling the book isles and carefully hunting down the perfect book, in complete bubbles of happiness and contentment. I had a lovely time wandering around the crafts and gifts section getting ideas for Christmas presents and future projects I could start. As I’m up to my ears in books to read at the moment, I knew I was going to have to be very restrained walking round and it was then I stumbled upon a tiny blue book titled “Jane Austen Her Complete Novels In One Sitting”. Hopefully you can see clearly in the top picture of the post the drawing of her lovely self on the front of this adorable little keepsake. It has blue pages and even contains little illustrations dotted throughout. As I was so chuffed with my discovery, I gleefully grasped onto it as I made my way to the till, for I had decided that would be the perfect singular buy. When picking up a book in a book shop and finding that it fills you with a deep joyous feeling, I often feel the experience should not be dampened down by attempts to find another one. Some may disagree and that’s fine, I mean, let me loose in a book shop and I’ll probably emerge laden with hearty hardbacks. But when out shopping on a budget, and knowing I have so many books to read, I thought I should stop there.

So, after paying for the little blue beauty, it was already nearing noon so I thought what better way to top off my Bath visit (apart from going to the Pump Rooms) than to have brunch in the Waterstones Cafe. And that’s exactly what I did. I walked in with great enthusiasm, picked up a bottle of Elderflower Bubbly (obviously) and a cheese and ham toasted and proceeded to have a delightful little brunch. It was all perfect and the toast is was delicious. It even had Dijon mustard in it. My favourite! Basically, I simply love Waterstones. It has everything one could possibly need for a satisfying book shop outing and provides such a warm and electric environment where you’re surrounded by people who clearly have a passion for books. I don’t think I’ve ever been into a Waterstones store and not overheard staff talking either amongst themselves or with a customer about particular books and about authors, and I think that’s great. It’s so engaging and good to know that the staff are just as book loving as their customers.

And with my love for Waterstones and Bath reaching a sickly end, I would love to hear if you have been to Bath and what you think of this magnificent city and your adventures there too!

My bank holiday Monday is rainy and quiet, what’s yours like?

Amy 🌸

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