My 6 Recent Lovely Buys 🎀 

Now, as much as I adore flowers, I’m afraid I cannot tell you what the ones in this little posy are called, but what I can tell you, is that they brought a little bit of beauty to my day. What used to be the local post office in the village, is now the local florist with a post office! Which is perfect. It’s very sweet in there with lovely flowers and pretty ribbons and bows and note cards. Now I think about it, the large pink flower could be a chrysanthemum 🌺


I have been looking for a notebook to keep with me for my spontaneous blog ideas that pop into my head on occasion. And, as I am so incredibly fussy when it come to notebooks (and pens), it was taking me quite a while to choose one which I would be completely happy with. Then I stumbled across this simple journalists notepad, which while it is fairly plain, it is quite simply perfect. For a start there are so many pages, lined, it has a hard back and front cover which flips over, and if that wasn’t enough, it has a little pouch at the back to store bits of paper/notes in. And I know this might sound a little strange, but to be able to write on every single page, top to bottom without having to skip some pages because the book won’t open fully down the spine, is a blessing and makes me enjoy writing even such a notebook queen it’s sick! 📖

  Argan Oil of Morocco… “Weightless Reviving Dry Oil”.

I bought this last week after having my hair cut, to ease the frizzy perm effect that had taken hold. I love the liquid golden syrup inside this bottle and every time I go to spray it, it’s like a mist of runny honey descending onto my hair. I have never used anything as fancy as oil for my hair before, and in all honesty, I was mildly terrified I was going to come out the other side a greasy mess. But to my pleasant surprise, applying it onto wet harass after blow drying, it actually leaves a smooth, velvety appearance which absorbed by the hair far better than I ever expected. I can’t say it’s the cure for all my hair related problems, because no hair product however expensive and up market, will be able to make my hair magical enough to go to the ball. But this exotic Argam Oil might just help it on its way 🙂

  Soap & Glory Mist You Madly…

Spritz on whenever you need a flash of fabulousness…

I absolutely love this smell. It reminds me of Christmas, and that’s not a reflection on its fragrance, it’s just a personal association as I bought it for the first time around Christmas & the smell just takes me back there. It’s fruity and flowery and while it’s quite pungent, it’s also very subtle. It doesn’t have a scent named on the bottle so I can only interpret it but it’s warm and a little spicy and a bit like bubble bath in hot water. Anyway, it’s yummy and I need to buy more in case it goes off the shelves, which would be a tragedy! Really.


Lasting Finish by Kate – Rimmel

This has a very very red case. But inside is not a red lipstick, and I don’t know how I feel about that. Don’t get me wrong, I completely love the colour of the lipstick, which I would call a berry colour (as nowhere on the packaging does is state a colour), but I’m just not convinced by the difference in colours of the case and lipstick with this, and I find it a little misleading. Contrary to that, the colour of the lipstick is pretty much the one I’ve been looking for and I am over the moon with how it looks, if not a tad too dark but I’ll get over it. Despite the case being a completely different colour to the product inside, I do really like the case. It stands out and I like that the  Rimmel logo is on the top while Kate’s signature is on the side of it. A lipstick I’m going to have to buy again!

The rings pictured are from a set of rings I bought from Peacocks in a sale. There are quite a few others but I have photographed my favourites and the ones I’ll where the most. The ring standing up at the back is quite different to other rings I’ve seen before from high street stores. It’s quite Art Deco and and has an old fashioned feel to it. The gold rings are quite real looking and I’ve had a few comments about them from people of how nice they look. One is the design of little crowns next to each other, one is a twist and the other one has a sapphire gem on top. I like that one the most. The silver rings are a little more simple… One is very delicate with slight ridges, one is kind of embossed and the other is a bit wavy. I’m not so great at explaining detail on jewellery so I hope the picture does a much better job at detailing than my words! I know the silver ones won’t stay silver forever, but the gold ones are holding out really well and it’s fun to wear lots of mix match rings on my fingers. Not something I usually let myself imdulge in! Yay! Dress Up!

So, there are my 6 lovely buys from the last couple of weeks. I enjoy sharing my little treasures with you all, so hopefully I’ll do more of these posts in the future. I’m always raving about something or another I’ve bought!

Amy 🌸

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