My New Hair… Or Something Resembling Fur Anyway


So I’m really conscious of the fact that my last few blog posts have contained quite a few pictures of my face. Nobody really wants that, I know, so I’m planning on his being the last post for a while where my ugly mug features!

But I have some fairly exciting news to share with anyone who gives a carrot, that I have had a HAIR CUT!! After 5 years, I finally decided it would be a pretty good idea to get the old snip snip..

Land so, Saturday afternoon, that’s exactly what I did. It’s short… Yay! … Yay, right? I went short the last time I went to the hair dressers, 5 years ago, and after re dyeing it a dozen times, doing some very weird hairstyles in the name of ‘I can’t be bothered’ and cutting it myself with a pair of kitchen sizzors, it was in a pretty big state which the lovely hairdressers had no qualms in pointing out! I had gloogled a bunch of images of cute short hair styles and I did show her a really nice one that Audrey Tautou sported once and let’s just say, she rocked it! But naturally, the hairdresser did her own thing and chopped away. I wasn’t panicking really, I was just slightly apprehensive and let her do her thang, but I have come away with a feathery type of cut, which I’m not entirely digging if I’m honest. I litterally got home and pinned it back on top, which was where the main bulk of the hair that was left was, so I think I really should have asked for a pixie cut and just be brave. But as my Granny pointed out yesterday, for a good pixie cut, a male hairdresser is much much better! Which is pretty rich coming from a lady who has a) never had a pixie cut and b) cuts her hair with my granddads razor! Enough said? But I do take what she says quite seriously most of the time as she is a very wise woman and I have a lot of respect for her and I love her to bits, so it’s a given that if she gives me ‘friendly’ advice, I’ll probably go with it:) But Granny is worthy of a whole post just about her so I’ll get back to the hair at hand… My hair…

As far as salon experience goes, it was probably my favourite, which is quite easy to analyse really as I’ve only been to the hair dressers twice in whole adult life (I’m 24) so it wasn’t that difficult to establish this being the best time or not. However, I can tell you that the last time I went, really wasn’t all that great for my inner being and as I felt quite jittery, that apparently equalled the hairdresser being quite jittery too! That all equals disaster, trust me.

I washed my hair yesterday and it looked honestly rediculous! I towel dried it and it stood up on its end, straight… It was not a good look but better than the one when I eventually dried if properly. It reacted so badly with the hairdryer and I totally ended up resembling David Bowie from the 80’s. I used every single pin I could find in my room to pin my hair down and reduce the bouffant disgust that was occurring on the top of my fairly small head.


I only only like the style when it’s pinned to my head and I’ve shoved a bow in it! That’s not good. This means I can’t leave the house minus a disguise, without attaching about 20 pins, a bow and half a bottle of Elnette hair spray to my head! I tried to be clever yesterday and bought a bottle of the Argan oil of Morocco or something and sprayed that all over my hair like my life depended on it (because between you and me, it secretly does a little) but to no avail and I just looked like an 80’s dj with greasy hair. Which I think you’ll find, if you’re not some weirdo liking all this, is not what Audrey Tautou looks like. No. No is not.

I could ramble on for ages about hair and how I want to get an electric shaver and do a Britney, but that would just be way too indulgent. I just wanted to briefly show y’all what I got up to this weekend and how if you want to, pitying me and praying for me are two thinks I don’t mind you doing, if the feeling takes you… Just saying!

So while I spend my day at work in a head scarf deciding whether or not to apply for Crufts or Perm Of The Year awards, please have a lovely day whoever & wherever you are!

Sorry this is sooo short, I need to get ready for work and let’s face it, my time left is going to spent on containing the feathery drizz! So yeah, thanks for reading and Ciao.

Amy 🌸

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