My Secret Garden Project 🌳🌺


Since moving back home to my parents house, I have started to appreciate the greenery and nature that is on my doorstep. Something I didn’t get while living in the city…

There’s something quite magical about waking up in the morning, making a little cup of green tea, popping on your slippers and stepping outside into the garden, being greeted by the morning sunshine, a bumble bee, the cats hurriedly following you out in great excitement that someone’s opened the door, and looking at the plants and trees around you. And without fail, as you take that first sip of tea, the birds serenading you with their morning melody, the fresh smell of morning dew intoxicating your senses, a gentle wave of relaxation and appreciation will wash over you, calm you and give you a silent, unspoken feeling that everything will be ok.

I have been very lucky enough to feel that on a few special occasions, never in the city, either at home, by the beach or somewhere pretty with a garden or nature. It’s an extraordinary feeling that is best observed , in my opinion, alone. Stepping outside solitarily first thing in the morning can be a very cerimonial act. Giving yourself to nature, the great outdoors, before you allow anything to interrupt the start to your day, you have created the gift of surrounding yourself in Mother Nature. A place you’ll always be welcome and feel magical.

I remember a moment in my late childhood when I must have been 8 or 9, and I’d been playing in the garden (the same one as now) for most of the day and it was nearing tea time so I made my way reluctantly up the garden towards the house. We have a long garden and the bottom half is covered by apple trees and tall fur trees so the sky is practically impossible to see. In the middle we have a very tall tree which is called the Christmas tree and was planted by my father when he was a child (he lived there as a child too and was born in the house next door!) with his parents and it was pretty exciting to walk under at my age. As I made my way out from under the Christmas tree, house in sight, I looked up to the sky to see very dark oppressive clouds over head, almost rolling as they gathered and darkened. As I’d stopped to watch them, a sudden breeze out of nowhere swirled around the garden and around me and for a few seconds, everything just seemed to slow down. I half expected to see little imps and fairies skip past and a wicked witch appear from the clouds to cast a wicked spell on me, but to no avail… But what I do remember, is a very overwhelming sense of respect. For my surroundings, for the time I’d spent outside in my lovely garden and most of all, respect for Mother Nature. It was as though the wonderful outdoors was acknowledging my love for it and before I went in for the day, it was bidding me good day. It was a magical, overwhelming feeling that swallowed me whole, went straight through me and one I shall never forget. 🌳✨

However, that was years ago, and things have changed a lot since then. I have changed, my parents have changed and the garden has changed. The garden has been neglected over the past few years due to my parents ill health, time and my health for that matter. Yes, the garden is somewhat overgrown and brambles have invaded and moved in to stay, one of the ponds is covered and the others water feature has stopped working. The patio is covered in ivy, which is lovely, but is also inaccessible due to levels of overgrown ness.. The previously attempted herb garden now lies unseen but sprigs of the persistent sage are poking out from underneath the evil brambles and the lawn, well, is more like a mini jungle you get in the rainforest. It is a huge huge shame that what used to be my childhood haven, has turned into wildlife haven and grass and bramble hell.

So, now I am back living at home and I have some spare time on my hands, I have made a pact with myself to bring back my childhood haven, renovate this once wonderful place and create a secret garden fit for a twenty something non-green fingered gal like me. I do fancy an awful trifle that it might just nearly kill me or at the very least, have a huge impact on my health, but I know it’s a job worth doing because this garden has so much potential, I’ve seen it. I want so much to bring the magic back, see the colour of flowers flow from bed to bed, the ponds water features returned to working order and the dragon flies back to once more flit elegantly and sweetly above the water, in and out of the reeds while frogs hop on Lilly pads and stotes run along the rocks thinking they’ve gone unseen. Such happy memories, I can see it all now. The scene of the beauty that used to be, so clearly in my minds eye, filling me up with an angelic magic that’s making smile as I type… Ahh, the anticipation in me is rumbling and flowing like a babbling Brook in spring, my fingers turning green and my heart becoming overgrown by a floral and ivy concoction. But alas, I have a lot of work to do before any magic will be returned to Langland House garden. I am considering getting a regular gardener in once things are in a slightly friendlier state, as I don’t much fancy being quoted £500 again to help start the clearing process. I’d much rather do it myself and feel like I’d been at the heart of restoring the beauty and magic ✨

 Until then, to keep my floral heart flourishing, I am starting to create my little indoor garden in my room, where I can have beautiful living plants around me. And while I dream of having my secret garden back, I can muse at the thought of having my very own chic shed, from where I can observe the beauty right from the heart of it. But my dream of a chic shed is worthy of a whole other post… ☺️

For now, I shall leave you with the suggestion of a tune for you to listen to, if you’d be so kind. One which I hope will give you a little insight into the feelings my dream of a secret garden evoke inside me and I truly hope this inspires you too, to create a flower haven of wonderment either in your garden or your home, if you don’t already have one 🌺🌳

“Awakening Of Spring” Zbigniew Preisner – The Secret Garden soundtrack 🌲

May you all have a beautiful day…

Amy 🌸

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    Aww that was such a lovely post Amy, I loved hearing the story from your chilhood too, I can clearly see it in my mind and it sounded beautiful. The music you mentioned is currently playing in my ear as I type this and it’s so sweet, it makes me think of fairy gardens and springtime 🙂

    July 21, 2015 at 16:28
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