What’s in my make up bag…

So, these little days of being in the singles room 101 has brought about new make up bag contents. Fresh face = fresh start, surely?

I have always stuck with fairly the same set of make up, tones and colours and while I haven’t strayed too far from my norm, I am trying a new powder and blusher, which has been more than interesting…
I will go through each little make up item in a second, but just to say, I never thought it was actually quite possible to end up looking like a corpse bride with a high fever, but leave me alone with the Lasting Perfection face powder from Collection and the blusher from Bourjois Paris, and boom, I’ve suddenly got a role in the next Tim Burton film; “Zombies In The Heatwave”…

Anyway, moving on to the more adult, serious review of my make up. Girls pull it off so well in other blogs but I’m not sure I can take it quite that seriously…

Dream Matte Mousse – Maybelline
I have chosen the Ivory. It smooths on nicely, if not slightly thickly. I use my very old & out of date foundation brush which has seen so many different types of foundation over the years, that it’s a wonder if the one I’ve just dunked it in actually comes out like it should. But the matte mousse attaches on to the brush as if it’s life depends on it & prepares proudly to be reattached to your precious skin.
Where it sometimes feels as though I’m applying mud pies to my face, if I go to town on smoothing it out as hard as I can with said foundation brush, I can often achieve an even coverage.
The “Lightweight Feel” it describes on the lid isn’t perhaps its most defining feature when you first start applying it, but if you persevere and brush like you mean it, then it is actually quite a pleasant little foundation. Once applied, it is very smooth (although I’d moisturise like mad before applying) and does provide an even coverage. Something not a lot of foundations do I find. Perhaps not the one to go for however, if your prefer the minimalistic look. Which I do. Hmmm, it’s going well…
8/10 ⭐️

Lasting Perfection – Collection
“Ultimate Wear Powder, Flawless 16 hour coverage with mirror and sponge”.
Shade- Fair. And that is where it all turns mildly terrifying. I picked this powder as it specifically said lasting perfection and it was one of the lightest shades I’d seen. And up until this point, I always thought I’d needed a lighter powder as I wasn’t really one for the ‘Tangoed’ look. And yes, I certainly succeeded this time in finding a lighter powder. A much, much lighter powder!
When you open up the case you are greeted with the powder which then lifts up to reveal a mirror and a sturdy sponge. “Cute” I thought. I was thoroughly mistaken… It’s cute if you like the Addams Family style or if you’re digging the look Nicole Kidman has going at L.A. events these days.. But it’s not cute if you value things like the natural look or the subtle touch, or dignity.
After lightly, and I do mean lightly, dabbing my face with this also thick powder of whiteness, I peered hesitantly into the mirror and realised there was no need to ask who was the fairest of them all anymore. For I, good looks aside, was now the very fairest of them all. The palest too!
I don’t think I could have achieved a paler look if I’d used straight talcum powder… But it was a smooth application and does stay on quite nicely during the day with very little need to top up. But you do have to be quite sparing with it when smudging it on your face as it can get quite blotchy in places throughout the day if you’ve put too much on in one spot. Nose and upper lip are culprits of this.
It’s an effective powder that covers well and stays smooth during the day, but if you’re looking for the healthy look that people seem to love so much that just screams you’ve had enough vitamin D and you go for long walks by the sea in the sun, this may not be the powder for you… Nor is it the powder for you if you’re one of those misguided souls who appreciates looking like a satsuma all year round.

Cendre De Rose Brune (Ashes Of Roses) – Bourjois Paris
Blusher in a tiny cute pink pot with a miniature brush and little mirror in the lid… What more could you want? I know! To not look like a Jane Austen character whose running a deathly high fever because her unrequited love for the fellow up the road in the big house has been laid bare to her aristocratic family and now she has had to flee to her room and remain bedridden for the foreseeable future.
Applying this very pretty but equally effective blusher, all depends on a) how anaemic you are and b) how much you’ve gone to town with the powder… If you’re like me and you’re already anaemic AND you’ve powdered your face more than they powder baby’s bottoms on the johnsons advert, then you’d be a normal human being to assume you’d need a lot of blusher…
In this case ladies, or at least in the case of Cendre De Rose Brune, much less is more, even if you do have the face of an ill fated Tudor queen. Yes, one wrong stroke of that blusher brush on your cheek bones and you’ve turned into a Gemma Collins’ make up faux pas.
However, if applied delicately with a steady hand and the patience of a saint, Ashes Of Roses can look quite elegant against the powdered face. Can.
7/10 ⭐️

Cranberry Lipstick – Natural Collection
Now, this is lovely. I could wear this shade with mostly everything I own and it would work. When first applied, it starts off quite dark/harsh, but with a bit of smudging and evening out across the lips, it’s softened look is far more appealing. However, I’m not sure it’s officially the colour of cranberry, which is a dark red. I would call this Dusky Pomegranate or Sugary Mallow if I worked at Natural Collection, but I don’t, so I’ll keep my ideas to myself… I’m quite penickity when it comes to lipstick colours and to be honest, am yet to find the perfect colour for me, let alone the shade!
It’s actually one of the very few lipsticks I own which last longer than two hours! It doesn’t stay just asfresh as when first applied, but after couple of hours, my lips are still tainted with colour. Which I live in lipsticks. I’m not a glossy lipped person… Can’t stand it. Not only do I end up ingesting most of the lipgloss, it’s not very comfortable to wear. I prefer the matte look. Maybe a tad of shine.
8/10 ⭐️

CandyFloss Eye Shadow – Natural Collection
This is now the only eyeshadow I use. Not because it’s the greatest in the market, but because it does exactly what I need from eye shadow… It’s light and shimmers and when applied to the eye lid, brightens my eyes nicely and adds a lovely little touch of the magical to the eyes.
Often, if my eyes are tired or heavy, I’ll apply a little stroke of the candy floss shimmer under my eyelashes under my eyes. I try not to go so far as to then end up looking like a fairy from Disney, but it really does open up the eyes and add a bit of sparkle and interest. It lasts well during the day too!
It’s not as pink as I’d hoped or as it looks in the tiny tub, but if you flutter your lashes just enough, the link does start to shine through 🙂
9/10 ⭐️

Burgundy Nail Varnish – Natural CollectionThe colour is mildly disappointing at first as it’s not quite as bright as I was hoping, but once you’ve gotten over that, it does make for a nice little red nailed number.Perhaps an autumn/winter colour instead of summer… 5/10 ⭐️

Hibiscus Nail Varnish – Natural Collection
I love this colour… It’s fun, it’s bright and it’s pink.
I often find with nail varnishes, that the colour that appears on your nails isn’t always the colour that you see in the bottle… We’ve all been there… The colour is often darker, lighter or less rich than you thought it would be and now you’re wearing it all over your nails and you’ve run out of varnish remover pads and life just gets an awful lot worse as you find yourself whining every time you catch a glimpse of your now severely hated nails.
But the good news is, you never have to worry with Hibiscus! What’s in the bottle is what turns up on your fingers too and by some form of a miracle, it strokes onto your nails quite neatly. Which is a blessing in my world! Not as chip friendly as a girl would like but it’s one of the rare nail varnishes which don’t need topping up every day.
Fresh, fun & girly… Hibiscus from Natural Collection is a little bit of summer girliness in a tiny bottle.
9/10 ⭐️

Forever Strong Super Stay Gel Nail Colour – Maybelline
Okay, I’m not going to lie, it’s a cute & fresh little nail varnish but that aside, it doesn’t impress me much more than that.
With the lack of a colour name on the bottle (as far as I can see) in mind, for the sake of this post, I shall call it Pearly Pink. That’s what it looks like in the bottle but when applied it comes out a more mother of pearl/shiny grey colour and is very very gloopy. Quite hard to apply as you need a good amount on the brush or it will not glide onto the nail particularly well, but at the same time causing an over flow of varnish which you have to manoeuvre removing whilst not messing up your nails!
For me, perhaps thanks to my career, I don’t find its as durable and super staying as it says it is and after two days I remove it because my nails would just look rediculous with that many top coats and touch ups on them!
Messy, disappointing colour and chippable, at the same time as being midly charming.
6/10 ⭐️

So there it is, my make up uncovered. An experimental and interesting couple of months ahead until I run out and can leg it to Boots (other stores are available) to renew my face & my style!
I’ll start the countdown now… Until then, from the zombie Tudor queen with Scarlett fever, goodbye and thank you for reading.


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    Great reviews! I love the blush and the lipstick! 🙂 xoxo

    July 13, 2015 at 05:29
    • Reply Amy

      Thank you very much ✨ Highly recommend the lipstick x

      July 13, 2015 at 17:50

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