A Splash Of Colour… 

2nd July 2015

So, after spending an absolute fortune in Boots today once I’d managed to block my main card having entered my pin incorrectly twice and using my savings card, I found myself walking out with a set of new make up and a “Deep Red Brown” hair dye.

I had been toying with the idea of re dyeing my hair a more interesting colour, different to my usual, safe “Rose Gold” or “Light Golden Brown”. But I hadn’t been very brave up until today to take the plunge and go for a dye that had the word “red” in it!

In a state of panicked embarrassment that my card had blocked in front of everyone in Boots, I fled the shop once I’d paid with the alternative card I have, which I’m now thanking every God going that I had it on me, forgetting that I’d plucked up the blind courage to buy this hair dye which was called “Deep Red”!
Once I made it home, heart still racing and my face still red, I peered into the bag to fish out my purchases and discovered my most daring buy.

A pang of excitement appeared in me and I looked in the mirror at my dull, uninteresting hair, tried to imagine what a red brown would look like and decided to dye it there & then.

The dyeing process was simple and fairly uneventful (just the way I like it) and as instructed, I waited 20 minutes.

After about 15 minutes of updating Twitter and investigating something online, I peered in the mirror and nearly lost a cardio output when I saw just how red the dye had gone on my head…
Dropping everything, I quickly pegged it to the bathroom and threw on the taps in the bath and proceeded to rinse my hair with fury. 10 minutes later, after applying my new V05 Tousled Style Spray and blow drying it, I discovered the result wasn’t perhaps as bad as I thought, a bit dark perhaps, but the idea of having an actual colour in my hair, started to make me quite happy!

I was impressed with Boots own brand of hair dye as I normally only choose the well known brands like Garnier Nutrisse or L’Oréal Paris Casting Crème & impressed with myself for actually choosing a colour a little more interesting than my usual.
The V05 texture spray is also very good and seems to do what it says on the bottle but it does need a lot of scrunching of the hair to work to its best and I think it helps if you already have a natural wave or like me, natural curls waiting beneath the overgrowth of fizzy straight hair, to come alive!
Overall pretty pleased with the outcomes of both, although I hope over the next few washes of my hair, the colour becomes softer as I’ve never been keen on the harsh & dark Browns.

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