My New Duvet Set…

26th June 2015

It arrived. Finally! My new duvet set:) Isn’t it a beauty?! ✨
Since coming back home to live, after my boyfriend broke up with me back in May, I have been spending some of my evenings making my room into a bit of a pretty escape pod, where I can retreat to and not feel hounded by today’s pressures and hopefully where I can nurture my wounded soul a bit. And as I was making my bed the other day, I realised I needed a prettier duvet cover.

And so I bought one 💖
Next on my plans for my room are proper curtains. I really can’t expect to get a good nights sleep with no curtains when the sky starts to get lighter at around 3.30 most mornings. Bring on the winter!

The problem is, I have bay windows in my room and finding a really nice pair of pretty curtains for bay windows is actually harder than it sounds.
That’s all for now, a longer and more in depth post on its way shortly. Not about curtains.

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